Sirona 3D X-Ray Family 2013 ENG

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Good reasons for 3D. Whoever can offer a one-stop shop for everything wins over patients: With 3D x-rays, you have the ideal basis for a new dimension of success in your practice. Best image quality at the lowest dose and a perfect workflow – that is what Sirona 3D x-ray units stand for. For you that means greater certainty when making difficult diagnoses, new options in implantology and orthodontics, working more efficiently in less time using findings-oriented software with easy reporting and seamless connection to management softwares and DICOM environments – and thanks to the optionally integrable FaceScanner, patients have a better understanding of the diagnosis and decide in favor of a particular treatment recommendation quicker and more often. The ideal basis for a new dimension of success in the practice! Enjoy every day. With Sirona.

Faster Time-saving workflow

Safer More diagnosis and treatment options

More convincing

Better advice and more patient trust

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