2017 Kombucha CVs


• Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry 1970–1972

Biochemistry Dept., MS University, Baroda, India

• M.S. in Biochemistry. Specialization: Human Nutrition. 1967–1970 Jodhpur University, India • Bachelor of Science. Major subjects: Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and Physics.

1994 Certification Board for Nutr. Sp., American College of Nutrition • Certified Nutrition Specialist (C.N.S.) ♦ Chair AOCS Analytical Division, 2012 ♦ Vice Chair AOCS Analytical Division, 2012 ♦ Fellow of AOAC International, 2011 ♦ Member of the AOAC Official Methods Board since 2010 ♦ AOAC Additives Technical Committee Member ♦ Involved in AOCS in Chromatography Technical Committee (member fatty acid analysis group) ♦ AOAC Horwitz Advisor ♦ AOAC/FDA/NIH Expert Review Panel member – Coenzyme Q (2005) ♦ Serving as a Single Lab Validation Expert for Vitamin E Analysis in Dietary Supplements for AOAC/FDA/NIH Task force.



♦ Sweetener Technical Committee member ISBT. ♦ Past - AOAC Associate Referee for Vitamin E . ♦ Listed in Strathmore’s Who’s Who Directory (1995-96). ♦ UNESCO Postdoctoral Fellowship (1982).

Collaborative Studies Participated ♦ Vitamin D in infant formula by a HPLC method AOAC 995.05 (1995). ♦ Ehoxyquin in feeds by a HPLC method (996.13). ♦ Participated in USDA led folate analysis in foods using triple enzyme method.



♦ Ph.D. Nutritional Studies on rat intestinal Phytase ♦ M.Sc. Effects of diet on Cholesterol Metabolism.

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