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SUDHAKAR YADLAPALLI Address:- PLOT 10, TULSI GARDENS,YAPRAL Secunderabad, AP, India Mobile -+91-7680003040 , +91-040-27136211 (R) E-mail:- ; Date of Birth:- 31.May.1968, Updated on: 14.02.2019

Professional in the area of laboratory management, Technical and Business development in analytical testing activities in the fields of Food and Agricultural, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Environmental, Minerals and Bio analytical with more than 20 years experience.

Areas of expertise:

 Laboratory management (Resource planning, Budgetary compliance, Forecasting and optimum utilization of Human Resource and Equipment to achieve Operational and Service Excellence)  Business development activities, P&L, Creating and delivering business development plans and set short and long term vision plans for analytical testing laboratory.


 Contributed in collaborative study toward method to detect agricultural residues at sub –parts– per-billon levels in Soft drinks published as AOAC Official method 2007.08 , First Action.  Contributed in Multi lab study for Determination of metals in infant formula [AOAC 2011.19] published as AOAC official method. AOAC 2011.19 ISO/DIS 20649 | IDF 235 (2015).  Contributed in Multi lab study for Estimation of iodine in infant formula [AOAC 2012.15 published as AOAC official method). AOAC 2012.15 ISO/DIS 20647 | IDF 234 (2015)

 Contributed in Multi lab study for Estimation of Biotin in infant formula [AOAC 2011.11]


From September 2011 to till date : Associated as Vice President with FirstSource Laboratory Solutions LLP (Analytical Services)

Job responsibilities at FSLS ( AS): Reporting to Board. (Partners)

 Establishment and strategic growth of analytical testing laboratory to meet the requirements of export and domestic market for Pharmaceutical, Food and Agricultural products.  Authorized to act as Top management independently and to take all the policy and financial decisions related to establishment and operation of Laboratory.

Phone - +91-7680003040 , +91-040-27136211 (R) E-mail:- ;

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