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Senior Editors: Ross Hindle, CraigWilmann, Rt Hon David Curry and Joshua Jackson Journalists: Thomas Wilson, Andrew Neil, WilliamWinter, George Salmon, Mark D’Arcy, Susan Young, Jon Masters, Ben Clover, Geoff Hodgson, Jesse Norton and RobynWilson Designers: Constantin Nimigean and Andreea Cioran Copy-editors: Jonathan Sherrington, Rupert Douglas and Full Media Photograph procurement: JonathanWhite, William Dodds and James Thomas Westminster Publications is also grateful to the following people: Daniel Yossman, Jamie Oglesby, Lord Pickles, Lord Blunkett, Theresa May, Ben Barber, Chris Grayling, Julian David, Damian Hinds, Claire Perry, Julian Davids, Professor Ted Baker, Stephen Phipson CBE, Esther McVey, Melanie Leech CBE, James Patrick Thomas, Brian Berry, Sir Geoff Hurst, Helen Dickinson OBE, Tom Pope, Scott Challinor, Tony Blair, Andrea Leadsom, Liz Field, Andrew Barlow, Josh Terry, Frank Lampard, Ed Balls, James Highfield, Julia Hartley Brewer, Tristram Hunt, Helen Brand OBE, Joanna Mayle, John Kearns, Michael Gove, Sir Nick Clegg, William Graves, Marcin Bulka, Hannah Riding, Devina Lavji, Fern Hall, George Osborne and John Hammersmith Images in this publication have been reproduced courtesy of Alamy and Flickr.

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