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Issue no 125 Date: 15/01/16



Fashion & Well Being

125S8649-14VALLEYVIEWDENTALANDIMPLANTCENTRE The Ultimate Perfectionism In Dentistry TEL:0204400822, 0717063711 Email:info@valleyviewdentalandimplantcentre.co.ke Web:www.valleyviewdentalandimplantcentre.co.ke Block A 5th Floor Valleyview Office Park At Muthaiga/Parklands

125S -50 The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion! ONE VOUCHER that is redeemable at all your favourite retailers, restaurants, hotels & spas across Nairobi. For more information call +254 711 222 222 or visit www.giftvouchers.co.ke.

125F3813 -11 Langata Link Shops brings you the best of Kenya's finest Arts and Crafts as well as the yummy Tin Roof Cafe. info@langatalinkshops.com / 0738 651 042

125S8438-15 NORTHPOLE COLLEGE – KAREN Offering International IT Certifications at your doorstep Tana House, next to Nakumatt Crossroads 0700023852 / 0736181137 karencampus@northpolecollege.com

125S8786-6 Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Sports, Indian/ Pakistani +190 more channels using Apple, RokuTV via VPN IPTV http://www.uversetv.co.ke 0715531780 no more DSTV reruns!

125F3808-4 Original Ferrari Merchandise - Jackets, Sweatshirts, Gym Bags, Laptop Bags, Caps etc available at reasonable prices. For details call Amar 0716584199.

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