Howard T. Joe

The book has two 5-star book review and proof of correct books’ treatment methods from three 2015 health letters of UCBerkeley’s January Wellness Letter, Cleveland Clinic’s March Heart Advisor, and UCLA’s March Healthy Years. Also, endocrinologist and American Diabetes Association said the books’ methods are correct. The book has two editions with the first edition (released February 2013) in English and the second edition (released February 2015) in English followed by traditional Chinese translation. The books’ methods, which treat pre-diabetes and lower cholesterol with drug-free common natural foods, and treat diabetes with medication and common natural foods, have five possible benefits to lower blood glucose and cholesterol, lose weight, reduce blood pressure, and add fiber intake. By following the books’ methods, the author’s pre-diabetic fasting blood glucose was reduced to A1C value of 5.7 and reduced the fasting total cholesterol from 210s to 157 and 160s all by taking common natural foods. For diabetes, Metformin ER and/or other medication are used in combination with common natural food to lower fasting blood glucose from about 170 to 100s/110s. As website confirms taking soluble reduces weight, the author has lost weight and book users have also lost weight down to 32 lbs., 28 lbs., and 20 lbs. all by taking common natural foods as described in the books. Furthermore, losing weight also reduces blood pressure. An important part to treat pre-diabetes/ diabetes is to have a physical checkup to determine whether a person is pre-diabetic or diabetic. A normal fasting blood glucose is less than 100 mg/dl. A fasting blood glucose level at or 126 mg/dl indicates diabetes. If the first result shows a person is diabetic, then a second test is needed to confirm the result. In addition, fasting blood test also gives cholesterol levels. Since the author was able to obtain good, healthy results by using the books’ methods,

readers can likewise hope to achieve similar good results. In essence, the books’ methods have been tested and verified with limited number of people. Moreover, the books’ methods are natural and healthy methods with common natural foods and with references to support their effectiveness. After the book’s introduction chapter, it is followed by a chapter on the importance to have a physical checkup that includes a fasting blood test. It is followed by a section on soluble fiber that lowers blood glucose, loses weight, and reduces total cholesterol. The next chapter reviews common natural foods that contain magnesium to lower blood glucose. Finally, the last section deals with a complete recipe to lower blood glucose and total cholesterol. It is mainly the soluble fiber and magnesium in the common natural foods that lower blood glucose and also the soluble fiber in the common natural foods that decreases cholesterol levels.



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