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Opening General Session Blue Man Group entertains the audience at yesterday’s Opening General Session.

business or closed for business. It is likely our indus- try would not be as strong as it is today, with somuch promise, without quick-thinking disruptors and en- trepreneurs in our space. IACC Meeting Room of the Future, an initiative we started in 2016, has a goal to bring together the brightest minds to predict, create and shape the fu- ture of meetings using this knowledge. We identified these disruptors—those who are looking three to five years ahead and developing meeting spaces and experiences in readiness—in our research. I’d like to CONT. ON PAGE 6 SCHEDULE: PAGES 3-4

THE DNA OF DISRUPTION p8 INSIDE approach to others and how you make them feel. Good hospitality has existed for centuries on these values, right? Would corporate meetings and conferences re- ceive the same level of investment by organizations had we, the meeting industry, relied on delivering competent hospitality alone and not created more dynamic meeting experiences? In other words, with- out the exciting new venue environments and expe- riences we see more of today, would organizations be running fewer meetings, conferences and training sessions? Invariably, some venues have not moved with the times. These venues will be focused on other lines of HOSPITALITY AND ENTREPRENEURIALISM are two words that don’t sit together in the same sentence too often. After all, being hospitable is about your personal p14 FEATURE By Mark Cooper

The Creative Mindset Empathy is a key quality of an effective designer. p10


Thrive in the Expression Economy The battle is for time, not for budget. Ron Tite explains.

Risk and Reward Develop “A Creative Approach to Risk Management.”

Where Meeting Pros Play to Win A thrilling night of tournament poker at The Big Deal.



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