CEO Perspectives on Medical Staff

Study Overview New payment incentives are encouraging an increasing number of primary care practices to take the steps necessary to be certified as patient-centered medical homes (PCMH). Despite this growing interest in team-based care, little is known about how leaders of primary care facilities decide on the types of providers and support staff to hire, and how they organize their roles to best serve patients. To gain insight into the decision-making process, researchers focused on community health centers (CHCs), the federally funded safety net facilities that provide comprehensive primary care services to 21 million low-income Americans every year. This study explored the perceptions of CEOs of community health centers (CHCs) with a variety of staff configurations, as identified in the Uniform Data System. Findings from 19 semi- structured interviews with CHC CEOs suggest that many of the same factors influence CEOs’ decisions across two medical staffing domains: choice of provider types and choice of clinical support staff. Published Article: Pittman P, Masselink L, Bade L, Frogner B, Ku L. 2016. Factors Determining Medical Staff Configurations in Community Health Centers: CEO Perspectives . Journal of Healthcare Management, 61(5): 364-377. You May Also Be Interested In: • CHCs Use Diverse Staffing and Can Provide Lessons for Other Medical Practices • Do Years of Experience with Electronic Health Records Matter for Productivity in CHCs? • Does Liberalizing State Nurse Practitioner Scope of Practice Laws Affect Staffing and Productivity in Community Health Centers? • Longitudinal Analysis of Electronic Health Records Adoption on Staffing Mix in Community Health Centers • Optimal Staffing in Community Health Centers to Improve Quality of Care • Perceptions of Electronic Health Records Effects on Staffing, Workflow, & Productivity in Community Health Centers • The Changing Community Health Center Workforce: 2007-2013 • The Effects of the Implementation of Patient-Centered Medical Homes on Staffing and Productivity in Community Health Centers • The Impact of Medicaid Expansion on Community Health Center Staffing

For questions regarding this study, please contact: Patricia Pittman, PhD The George Washington University Director, GW Health Workforce Policy Research Center Director, GW Health Equity Workforce Research Center Co-director, GW Health Workforce Institute Professor, Department of Health Policy & Management Milken Institute School of Public Health Phone: (202) 994-4295 E-mail:

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