1934 Here's How to be Healthy by B G Hauser

Science Now Says..

"^"^DRINK Your Vegetables if

Doftors now accept the fart that many physical disordeis such as Rheumatism, Arthritis, {iomtipation, (iolds. Anemia, Kidney and Gall Bladder trouble and many ;;!andular disturhanccs are directly caused by a deficiency of vital mineral salts and vitamines in the daily diet. Raw vegetable juices are a ridi srorehonse of these vital mineral salts and alkalinizinp elements which the body requires. Instead of eating pecks of spinach or imnches of celery, yon can now extract the "blood of the plant" with the aid of tlie new "Health Mine" vegetable juice extractor. The new .science of raw juice therapy (explained in this book) offers all the benefits of fresh vegetables without any of the drawbacks. The Health Mine Juice Extractor developed exclusively for purpose, is simple, compact, easy to operate and keep clean and EFFICIENT' Just turn the handle and out comes a (low of delicious, mineral-rich' health-bearing juice. If your Health Food Store or Hardware Store -does not have this newest aid to family health, write directly to the Mannfactniers. The "Healtli Mine," complete with instruction book containing recipes for flelicinns "Health Cocktaifs" will i)e sent to yon postpaid for S4.50. MODERN HEALTH PRODUCTS SUPPLY CO. 1428 North 24th Street MILWAUKEE. WISCONSIN




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