1934 Here's How to be Healthy by B G Hauser


Health Cocktails in Debuts

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Ni:\i:ii IIAVi: i .sioion moki', ah- sorbed exprc.sslons than those on the face.') of the fa.shlonables gathered around a table In the Elizabeth Arden ,salon yesterday noon. On the table were i)latters of crisp yel low carrot.s, raw spinach, .sliced orange.s, tomatoes and cabbage, all artistically grouped and looking like the prize-win ning vegetable arrangement in the Lake Forest garden show. On one side was an array of cocktail glasses. With the vases of American Beauty roses against the sea- green talTcta curtains and Mrs. Augustus Kddy hovering hospitably around, it might have been the .setting for a debut tea. It WAS the debut of the .spinach cocktail in society. Behind the table Dr. Bcngamln Gaye- lord Hau.ser was putting the vegetables into a press which extracted the Juice and out of the Juices he was making cocktails. Spinach and orange, celery and tomato, orange and carrots. Some make beautiful complexions, others are for pep and still others, he said, can produce In one the charms of a Mae West. The cocktail lesson was Mrs. William Mitchell's and Mrs. Leslie Wheeler's idea and they got the Inspiration for It at the /Continued on back /lap)


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