ETF Efficiency Task Force at a Glance

Efficiency Task Force at a glance

About the Efficiency Task Force The Efficiency Task Force (ETF) was formed in 2015 and aims to ‘ seek out, promote and provide access to efficient practice across the oil and gas industry while maintaining safe operations ’ by:

Developing tools and guidelines to drive improvements in focus areas

Promoting and capturing the impact of industry efficiency initiatives, as well as providing access to efficiency tools, lessons learnt and networking opportunities Improving outputs by gathering and acting on feedback to maximise impact and improve industry operations

Continuous Improvement Cycle

Chair and Steering Group The ETF is led by a steering group of industry leaders who are committed to driving sustainable change. They: • Encourage their peers to participate in the ETF • Lead on focus areas • Provide pilot and review opportunities for guidelines “ We are in a crucial period for industry as we look to build on our successes and continue to work together to create smarter ways of doing business. We need your support to lock in permanent change which will benefit the next generation. ” Phil Simons, Efficiency Task Force Chair

Focus Areas

Business Processes – Promote cross-industry collaboration to improve efficiency in Inventory Management, Procurement, Logistics, Maintenance and Compression Systems processes Standardisation and Simplification – Develop guidelines and tools to promote the simplification and standardisation of Subsea Development Projects and Engineered Products Co-operation, Culture and Behaviours – Lead the cross-industry effort to drive improvements in culture and behaviours, by promoting the Industry Behaviours Charter , the Efficiency Champions Network , the roll-out of Efficiency Roadshows across industry and sharing Case Studies on the Efficiency Hub

Progress 80 employees Efficiency Roadshows held to date, engaging more than 9 600 More than 100 case studies + 400 downloads of ETF guidelines More than 7.1 Collaboration index score increased from 6.6 in 2016 to on the Efficiency Hub that can help industry to work smarter and become more competitive Efficiency Hub The Efficiency Hub is industry’s one-stop shop for all things efficiency. It hosts guidelines and tools for companies to use and share, as well as case studies showcasing new ways of working to improve operations and produce significant efficiency gains. efficiency champions, driving change and challenging old habits 200 + companies engaged in ETF projects

in 2017

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