Phoenix Health and Comfort


Madeof100%cotonforcomfortand absorbency,oureconomicalypriced Basic Tery colection towels and washclothsareaneverydayesential youcan'tdowithout. •100%Coton •Budget-Friendly •Cam Borders CotonTery

Item # Description Size Weight 9141208 Washcloth 11"x11" 0.5lbs 9141212 Washcloth 12"x12" 0.7lbs 9141216 Washcloth 12"x12" 1.0lbs 9241627 HandTowel 16”x27” 2.62lbs

Item # Description Size Weight 9342040 BathTowel 20”x40” 4.0lbs 9342050 BathTowel 20”x40” 5.0lbs 9342055 BathTowel 20”x40” 5.5lbs 9342244 BathTowel 22”x44” 6.0lbs 9342448 BathTowel 24”x48” 8.0lbs


Item # Description Size Weight 9140009 Peri-CareWashcloth 12"x12" 0.75lbs 9150199 CheckerBoardWashcloth 11"x11" 0.6lbs 9342052 HospitalPropertyTowel 20”x40”5.5lbs


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