Phoenix Health and Comfort


Ambasadorsheetsbringtogether the softnes ofcoton with the durabilityofpolyesterto create sheetsand pilowcasesthatare lowmaintenance, feel smoothand softtothetouch,andarewrinkle- andfade-resistant. Ambasador

AmbasadorPercale Item # Description Size Pkg 4254234 Pilowcase 42"x34" 6/dz 4256002 FlatSheet 60"x102" 2/dz 4256604 FlatSheet 66"x104" 2/dz 4256608 FlatSheet 66"x108" 2/dz 4256615 FlatSheet 66"x115" 2/dz

Item # Description Size Pkg 4253680 FitedSheet 36"x80"x9" 2/dz 4253684 FitedSheet 36"x84"x9" 2/dz 4255472 DrawSheet 54"x72" 2/dz 4255481 DrawSheet 54"x81" 2/dz 5314001 DrawSheet 58"x81" 5/dz


Availableinfourcolorsandawidearayof sizesforhealthcareandhospitality. Blue,Bone,RoseandSeafoam Pilowcases 42”x36” 42”x40” 42”x46” FitedSheets 36”x80”x9” 36”x84”x9” 39”x75”x9” 39”x80”x9” 39”x80”x12” 54”x75”x9” 54”x80”x9” 54’x80”x12” 54”x80”x15” 60”x80”x12” 60”x80”x15” 72”x84”x9” 78”x80”x9” 78”x80”x12” 78”x80”x15” FlatSheets

66”x104” 66”x108” 66”x115” 81”x104” 81”x108” 81”x115” 90”x110” 90”x115” 108”x110” 108”x115” 108”x120”


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