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The Comboni Missionaries have celebrated more than 150 years of service to the poorest and most abandoned people of the world. St. Daniel Comboni had a dream for Africa, for the Gospel, and for the future of the Church that would lead him far from his home in Italy and the culture and comforts he cherished. He knew that the scourges of slavery, exploitation, and colonialism failed to respect the human dignity of the peoples of Africa, and of the poor and marginalized in every corner of the world.

EDITOR Kathleen M. Carroll Send Letters to the Editor: Volume 58, No. 3. A $15 annual donation is greatly appreciated. Comboni Missions (ISSN 0279-3652) is an award-winning publication of the Comboni Missionaries and a member of the Catholic Press Association. Published quarterly. The headlines worldwide are still dominated by a single story: COVID. The virus is casting its dark shadow over mission work, too. While the work of spreading the Gospel has not changed in two thousand years, the way in which it is spread changes minute by minute. Some are already prepared to hear the Good News, and our missionaries are there to share it. Others, though, may be too weak from hunger or illness, too distracted by war and want. In such cases, we try to feed the hungry, heal the sick, and give shelter to refugees in the hope that spiritual formation may soon follow. Sometimes the Gospel starts with a bowl of rice or clean drinking water. Sometimes the Good News starts with just a kind word. The Comboni Missionaries are trying to meet this crisis head-on by assisting in health care and education to combat the virus on the front lines. But we are also continuing the quiet, everyday work of mission, bring- ing the presence of Christ to a world in desperate need. Your prayers and support make our work possible. Every life saved, and every heart changed, is a credit to your generosity. Thank you for being an essential part of the Comboni Missionary Family!

He founded two Institutes of religious life, for men and

women, and today inspires lay missionaries and people around the globe

to share in the noble mission of bringing the Gospel—and the peace and justice of

the kingdom of God—to all who have never heard it, and to those who need to hear it again. Today, the Comboni Missionaries serve in more than forty countries in Africa, America, Europe, and Asia. True to St. Daniel’s vision “to save Africa with Africa,” the missionaries themselves come from all reaches of the earth, working together in a common cause. They have been working in North America for eighty years, focusing on pastoral work among African- Americans, Appalachians, Native Americans, and Hispanics, seeking always to adapt their ministries and their methods to the people they serve.

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