BOA - 2007 - Minutes

Minutes – Hardwick Township Zoning Board of Adjustment December 18, 2007 New Business : #07-006 Deb & Eric Fortier, Block 601, Lot 12.02 Deborah and Eric Fortier were both sworn in. Mr. Fortier submitted the photographs that he went home to get, which were marked as an exhibit: Mr. Fortier described the photographs and the topography of his property. Ms. Fortier also described the esthetics of placing the shed in its requested location. She also reviewed what they were told when they came to the Municipal Building. The Board discussed the procedure in obtaining Zoning Permits and Building Permits and they concluded that the Applicant did not have a right to rely on the off-handed information that may have been given to them. Ms. Schemm asked if any neighbors will see the proposed building and the Applicants went on to describe the adjoining properties and what will be stored in the proposed accessory building. They stated that the proposed accessory building will match the existing house and that there are no utilities being proposed in the building. The Board then reviewed, with the Applicant, the additional information (a dimensioned drawing) that will need to be submitted. The Board noted that the only relief that they are reviewing, is the variance for the accessory structure being placed in the front yard, and no other relief. Mr. Hughes made the motion to grant the requested variance, subject to all of the conditions discussed this evening. Motion seconded by Mr. Rossi. Discussion on the motion: The Board briefly reviewed the conditions of the approval. In a roll call vote, all were in favor. The Applicants stated that they will provide the information as soon as possible. Other: 2008 Budget: The Board discussed the 2008 Budget and they agreed to recommend $10,000 for litigation and a $5,000 General Budget. Clerical Staff Letter Board Attorney Aaroe stated that he can draft and send a letter to the Township advising them of what was alleged in the Fortier Application. Bills : The following vouchers were submitted: A-1 thru A-5 Five Photographs taken by Mr. Fortier A-6 Photographs taken by Board Engineer Rodman

Lyn Aaroe-General 250.00 Lyn Aaroe-Bednarz 431.25 Lyn Aaroe-Little Hill Foundation 776.25 Lyn Aaroe-Litigation 656.25 Ms. Pflugh made the motion to approve the vouchers. Motion seconded by Mr. Ebbels. In a voice vote, all were in favor Other Business: The Board briefly discussed what the fundamental needs of the Board are in hearing applications. Adjournment : On a motion made and seconded there was a motion to adjourn the meeting. In a voice vote, all were in favor. nofficial Document


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