Head's Newsletter 2 February 2018

parents and teachers in the audience an understanding of their projects. The boys were simply brilliant and were able to discuss very sensitive Human Rights matters with excellent maturity. Each group should be very proud of their achievements and dedication to completing the project in their own time. The groups and their topics are outlined here; well done to all involved. Jack Yu, Roman Nicholas, Austin Taylor, Jotaro Takanohashi – Refugees in the UK, are we doing enough? Alistair Brendon, Joe Murphy, Will Murphy, Shubhan Mannyamgari – Is it ever Right to Restrict Someone’s Right to Liberty? (Winner of Best Presentation on the Night) Ibrahim Ejaz, Arrian Tabatabai, Aadit Dudhane, Joshua Cruice – Does prohibiting 16 Year Olds from Voting infringe upon their Human Rights? (Winner of Best Researched Project) Bulcsu Diossi, Ameer Morshed, Zameer Shahpurwala, Will Tillotson – Should Workers in the United Kingdom have more rights?

On the evening of Monday 22 January 16 Year 9 boys travelled to Surbiton High School to conclude a project that they had been working on for 3 months with the British Institute of Human Rights. During a trip to Queen Mary University on 1 st November, the 16 Boys were introduced to the topic of Human Rights and were able to ask questions about specific Human Rights and what they protect. The boys both asked and answered questions excellently during the workshop and showed a real interest in the subject that impressed the University lecturers. Following on from the workshop the boys conducted a research project in to an area of Human Rights that interested them. In groups of four, they decided upon a question and worked together to produce a 3-4,000 word report in answer to their inquiry. These were submitted in December, before the boys embarked upon producing a presentation for the evening in January.

The presentation evening itself was a celebration of all the boys’ hard work that went in to the projects, and a chance for the groups to explain what they found interesting in their research and to give

Mr A Watkins History Department

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