CobbFendley Newsletter- Issue 5 - June 2017

June 2017 | Issue 005


Commitment – A word that gets thrown around a lot, perhaps with not enough thought about what it means: the state or an instance of being obligated or emotionally impelled, a commitment to a cause.

same for each one of us, just as we are not all the same. We each emphasize different parts of the job according to what is most important to us. But our individual commitment is what drives us to do our best each day. And because of that, there is a lot less supervision than is found in a lot of companies. The lighter supervision attracts the self-starter or self-motivated types that thrive in such an atmosphere. And so we have a good bit of professional independence. We strive to make every client satisfied. We try to give each one the service they need to make their project a success. We support each other in those pursuits. We find satisfaction in the recognition we get as a company. In all of that there develops this thing we call the CobbFendley culture. But it wouldn’t happen without that COMMITMENT that you bring to work every morning. Thank you for being a part of CobbFendley.

We talk a lot about CobbFendley’s culture, which frankly seems to defy easy definition. But I think COMMITMENT has a lot to do with it. We all appreciate the atmosphere of independence in our work, or the teamwork with co- workers, or the feeling of satisfaction which comes from helping our clients. This is all made possible by the collective COMMITMENT we have to our jobs. It’s not the

CobbFendley’s Mission is to collaborate with employees and clients to provide engineering solutions that further our commitment to growth in the community . We Collaborate . We Commit . We Build Communities .



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June 2017

Issue 005


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