Vic bay CRAFT CLEAN Brochure

Whether you’re a Bavarian beer law purist or you love your additives, the last thing you want in your beer is wild yeast or bacteria that can create off-flavors or spoilage. Properly washing and sanitizing your tanks is key to the success of your brewery. Just like you take pride in your beer, we take pride in producing the finest cleaning products to make sure your equipment stays clean and sanitary after every batch. Protect your brewery’s hard-earned reputationby cleaningwithVictoria Bay’s Brewery Cleaning Program.

Causti-Clean Heavy Duty Caustic Cleaner Causti-Clean is a special blend of sodium and potassium hydroxide, water conditioning agents, and low foam surfactants. It is specifically designed to effectively solubilize a wide variety of organic soils, and inorganic soils. The low foaming and free rinsing characteristics of Causti-Clean make it ideally suited for circulation cleaning applications. The water conditioning agents effectively prevent water hardness deposits and aid in the removal and prevention of beer stone deposits. pH: >12.5 Dilution: 0.5 - 10 oz./gal. Reorder #: D02032 - 5 Gallons | D02033 - 55 Gallons 1 Acid CIP Acid Circulation Cleaner Acid CIP is a specially formulated acid detergent designed for use in cleaning, descaling, and passivation applications. The blend of nitric and phosphoric acid and low foaming surfactant make it ideally suited for circulation cleaning applications. The blend of nitric and phosphoric acid are designed to solubilize beer stone, milkstone, and a variety of inorganic deposits. pH: < 2.0 Dilution: 1 - 5 oz./gal. Reorder #: D02034 - 5 Gallons | D02035 - 55 Gallons 2 Klor-Foam NP Chlorinated Alkaline Cleaner Klor-Foam NP is a self-foaming, non-phosphated chlorinated alkaline detergent designed to effectively remove greasy, oily, and proteinaceous soils from equipment surfaces. The blend of alkalinity, water conditioning agents, and surfactants aid in soil penetration, contact time, and rinsability. Its high foaming characteristics ensure maximum coverage and contact time, and its water conditioning and rinseability leave equipment surfaces clean and residue free. pH: > 12.0 Dilution: 2 - 8 oz./gal. Reorder #: D02036 - 5 Gallons | D02037 - 55 Gallons 3 San-I-Ox Paracetic Acid Sanitizer SAN-I-OX is a United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered peroxyacetic acid (PAA) based sanitizer. SAN-I-OX is a powerful oxidizing sanitizer and is highly effective on bacteria, yeasts, and mold. The low foam profile of this product is ideal for use in recirculation or Clean In Place (CIP) sanitizing of pipes and tanks. pH: < 1.5 Dilution: 1.0 - 6.1 oz. / gal. (77 - 469 ppm) Reorder #: R05021 - 4.75 Gallons 4

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