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The Most Amazing Bible Promises You’ll find plenty of encouragement for life’s trials and strength for today with Amazing Facts’ newest daily devotional, which features many of the precious promises of God’s Word. Makes a perfect gift for loved ones too!

Hardcover | BK-PDH … $17.95 $15.95 thru 12/31/2023 Leathersoft | BK-PDL … $19.95 $18.95 thru 12/31/2023 Paperback | BK-PDP … $15.95 $13.95 thru 12/31/2023

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A World of Wonders: A Daily Devotional A year-long devotional for the thinkers and the

Revelation Verse by Verse: A Daily Devotional

This year-long devotional will deepen your understanding of Jesus’ final revelation to the world and prepare your heart for what’s about to take place on the earth. Each daily entry and a

curious; features 366 short devotionals full of amazing facts to pique your curiosity about the miracles of God’s world! Leathersoft | BK-WGDD … $19.95 $13.95 Bulk Pricing: 25+ $10.95 ea.

helpful Bible symbols chart will reveal heaven’s faithful and true messages and help you apply them victoriously to your life today! Brown Leathersoft | BK-RVVLBR … $24.95 $17.95 Gray Leathersoft | BK-RVVLB … $24.95 $17.95 Hardcover | BK-RVVH … $19.95 $16.95 | 24+ $14.95 ea. Paperback | BK-RVVP … $15.95 $12.95 | 24+ $10.95 ea.

Amazing Testimonies of

Moving Mountains: A Daily Devotional Get back to

Changed Lives: A Daily Devotional Be inspired by stories of lives transformed by the love of Jesus! Each day of the year, you’ll read an uplifting Bible

the Bible and discover God’s creative, powerful voice through

verse and story from a real-life Amazing Facts testimony, Bible character, or historical figure to deepen your walk with God. Leathersoft | BK-CLDD … $19.95 $14.95

compelling, fun, and imaginative daily readings. Leathersoft | BK-MMDD … $19.95 $13.95 Bulk Pricing: 25+ $10.95 ea.



Amazing Facts NKJV Prophecy Study Bible Get into the Word! Packed with powerful study helps, our beautiful Prophecy Study Bibles include the following features:

• 27 Amazing Facts Study Guides • Explanations of Bible numbers and symbols

• 64-page concordance • Eight pages of maps • The Biblical Cyclopedic Index

Giant Print Black Genuine Leather | BK-PSBGPL … $99.95 $79.95 Black Genuine Leather | BK-PSBPL … $89.95 $69.95 Gray Genuine Leather | BK-PSBGL … $89.95 $69.95 • Words of Christ in Red • End-of-text references • Chronology of the Old Testament • Harmony of the Gospels • The Parables and Miracles of Jesus • Doug Batchelor’s “How to Study the Bible” • And more!

Perfect for personal and group Bible studies, witnessing, and as a gift!

Black Leathersoft | BK-PSBBS … $76.95 $49.95 Gray Leathersoft | BK-PSBGS … $76.95 $49.95



Amazing Facts NKJV Prophecy Study Bible Enjoy these beautiful design choices—with all the great study helps you’ve come to expect from the Amazing Facts Prophecy Study Bible! Perfect for personal and group studies, witnessing, or gifts!

Peach Leathersoft | BK-PSBOS … $76.95 $49.95 Pink Leathersoft | BK-PSBPS … $76.95 $49.95 Red Leathersoft | BK-PSBRS … $76.95 $49.95 Lavender Leathersoft | BK-PSBLLS … $76.95 $49.95



Amazing Facts NKJV Prophecy Study Bible Select from more beautiful design choices—with all the great study helps you’ve come to expect from the Amazing Facts Prophecy Study Bible! Perfect for personal and group studies, witnessing, or gifts!

Brown Leathersoft | BK-PSBSD … $76.95 $49.95 Navy Leathersoft | BK-PSBNL … $76.95 $49.95 Teal Leathersoft | BK-PSBTL … $76.95 $49.95 Paperback | BK-PSBP … $19.95 $9.95



Cosmic Conflict: The Origin of Evil Our newest, beautifully designed sharing magazine explores the intense conflict between good and evil—and reveals how it impacts your life! It explains why a loving God permitted sin to continue at such a great cost and reveals His self-sacrificing plan to redeem mankind. BK-CCOE … $3.49 $2.00


Earth’s Final Warning: The Three Angels of Revelation

Examines the vital end-time messages from the three angels of Revelation 14. Packed with Scripture, fascinating facts, and colorful graphics, this attention-grabbing magazine with a message of hope is perfect to share with neighbors, friends, and family. BK-3AMR … $3.49 $2.00

The Bible Truth about Hell More and more people are being driven away from Christianity by false teachings about hellfire. Now you can share the good news straight from the Bible! BK-BTH … $3.49 $2.00

America in Bible Prophecy Discover the future of Earth’s last superpower and its role in last-day events. Perfect for sharing with friends, family, neighbors—or anyone you meet! BK-AIP … $3.49 $2.00 Spanish | BK-AIPS Bestseller: More than 1,000,000 copies sold!


Kingdoms in Time Builds solid faith in God’s Word by sharing astonishing evidence that Bible prophecy has been precisely fulfilled throughout the ages. BK-KIT … $3.49 $2.00

Bulk pricing for sharing magazines: 100+ $1.95 ea., 500+ $1.50 ea., 1,000+ $1.20 ea., 5,000+ $1.15 ea.



A Divine Design: The Jewish Temple in History, Prophecy, and Your Life A fascinating look at God’s plan to eradicate sin and save His people—as revealed through the heavenly and earthly sanctuary! BK-DDJT … $3.49 $2.00 BK-DDJTS | Spanish The Final Events of Bible Prophecy This powerful, inspiring tool presents solid biblical truths about the end times in a way that’s winsome, clear, and easy to understand! Spanish version available. BK-FE … $3.49 $2.00 BK-FESP | Spanish The Day of the Lord Discover the signs and manner of Christ’s return, the truth about the secret rapture, and what happens after His return. BK-DOTL … $3.49 $2.00 BK-DOTLS | Spanish The Rest of Your Life! Reveals the startling truth about the seventh-day Sabbath, including its history from ancient times to the present! BK-RYL … $3.49 $2.00 BK-RYLS | Spanish

Bulk pricing for sharing magazines: 100+ $1.95 ea., 500+ $1.50 ea., 1,000+ $1.20 ea., 5,000+ $1.15 ea.



The Afterlife Mystery Vital biblical facts to help you decode death, hell, and eternal life while avoiding the confusing deceptions of Satan. BK-ALM … $3.49 $2.00

Amazing Health Facts! Eight powerful biblical health lessons—from exercise and nutrition to sunlight and rest. BK-AHF … $3.49 $2.00 BK-AHFS | Spanish

Hidden Truth Winsomely presents seven of the most misunderstood biblical subjects—heaven, hell, salvation, Sabbath, and more. BK-HT … $3.49 $2.00 BK-HTS | Spanish Daniel & Revelation Unravel the mysteries of prophecy past and future in this full-color, 84-page magazine that’s priced for sharing! BK-DRM … $3.49 $2.00 BK-DRMS | Spanish

Bulk pricing for sharing magazines: 100+ $1.95 ea., 500+ $1.50 ea., 1,000+ $1.20 ea., 5,000+ $1.15 ea.



Revelation 14: The Pinnacle of Prophecy Bible Lessons Revelation reveals the crucial events leading up to Earth’s fiery finish—and how you can survive it. At the book’s “pinnacle” are the three angels’ messages of chapter 14, dividing the world into two distinct groups just before Jesus returns. These lessons use these messages as a springboard for studying every truth that will prepare you for the final test. Includes 14 eye-opening Bible lessons! SG-PINP … $7.95 Panorama of Prophecy DVD & Study Guide Set Doug Batchelor. Many hearts are deeply troubled today, but the Bible has real answers that can give the people you care about lasting hope. This series gives viewers an unobstructed view of our world’s current events, all of which will culminate with the Second Coming. Full evangelistic Bible series featuring 25 timely, power- packed presentations. Study Guide set included (all-new size). DV-POPSET … $99.95 $49.95 America’s 11th Hour DVD Scott Ritsema. While America’s rise was prophesied in the book of Revelation, the demise of its principles—and the return of the persecutions of the Dark Ages—has also been prophesied. In this fascinating series, Bible facts reveal what’s really happening in America in these last days—and how God’s church will shine the last rays of merciful light upon every soul. Four messages on DVD. DV-A11H … $24.95 $9.95 The 7 Deadly Myths DVD Set Scott Ritsema. This series tackles challenging cultural and spiritual issues to prepare you to face the final events of Earth’s history with rock-solid confidence! Ten messages on three DVDs. DV-7DM … $24.95 $9.95




Amazing Bible Story | 6-Volume Set Safeliz. This brand-new, six-volume set makes the Scriptures more accessible to children ages 2 to 12! Features more than 400 character-building Bible stories, colorful illustrations that help bring the exciting narratives to life, and a clear, engaging, and fun style that guides kids into a deeper understanding of Bible truth from the Creation to the New Earth. BK-ABS6 … $129.95 $119.95


Bible Stories Pop-Up Book Series | 5-Volume Set Safeliz. This fun collection includes five Bible stories presented in a simple and entertaining way that allows children to get to know Bible characters and interesting facts about Scripture. Includes the five titles listed below. BK-BSPOP … $59.95 $49.95


True Heroes: Stories and Values to Triumph Safeliz. True heroes are hard to find! This inspiring, three- volume, hardcover set for kids features historical heroes who demonstrated social, moral, and personal growth values in their lives. Each engaging, character-building biography is accompanied by beautiful, full-color illustrations. BK-TRH … $44.98 $39.95 and colorfully illustrated books kids will love! Each inspiring volume is also available separately. NOTE: The volume Life Begins Like This covers how life begins and includes a Bible-based view of sexuality. BK-MKF … $44.98 $39.95 Making Friends | 3-Volume Set Safeliz. This series includes Famous Friends , Life Begins Like This , and Children’s Best Friend , three engaging, educational,





Amazing Adventure DVD, Study Guides & Activity Book Set Amazing Facts. This exciting 10-part program of adventure and discovery will empower kids ages 8 to 12 to stand with Jesus for all eternity! Presented by Pastor Doug Batchelor. DV-AA … $54.95 $39.95

Prophecy for Kids Amazing Facts. Shows kids how God and His Word can be trusted through the fulfillment of prophecy. BK-PFK … $3.95 $0.99

NASB Amazing Illustrated Bible Safeliz. The more than 500 beautiful images in this specially designed Bible encourage easier comprehension of heaven’s message. Great for kids and adults. Softcover | BK-AACB … $49.95 $34.95

NKJV Amazing Adventure Bible Amazing Facts. Embark on a fun, exciting journey through God’s Word with the full-color NKJV Adventure Bible—loaded with features to interest younger readers! Leathersoft | BK-NKJABS … $34.95 $29.95 Bulk pricing: 10+ $24.95 ea.

Best Travel Activity Book Ever Broadstreet Publishing. Keep your kids entertained for hours with this activity book that offers a wide variety of puzzles and games— plus encouraging devotions written especially for them. Features coloring pages, word finds, spot-the-difference games, mazes, break-the-code puzzles, and more. Perfect for home or travel! BK-BTAB … $7.98 $6.98



Kingdoms in Time DVD A fresh, powerful evangelistic tool that explores the most striking Bible predictions that have come true. Take an extraordinary adventure through history and discover the startling proof that Bible prophecy has been fulfilled with exacting precision throughout the ages. Viewers will know that God’s

Word stands forever and can be trusted! Amaray Case | DV-KIT … $14.95 $4.95 Sharing Edition | DV-KITSE … $6.95 $2.50 Bulk pricing: 1,000+ $2.00 ea.

Revelation: The Bride, the Beast & Babylon DVD From the birth of Christ through the Christian era, this documentary pulls aside the veil of hidden history to reveal God’s amazing love!

Amaray Case | DV-RBBB … $14.95 $4.95 Sharing Edition | DV-RBBBS … $6.95 $2.50 Bulk pricing: 1,000+ $2.00 ea.

Cosmic Conflict: The Origin of Evil DVD Explains the transformation of a perfect angel into Satan, the result of his revolt, and God’s plan to restore peace to the universe.

Amaray Case | DV-CCOE … $14.95 $4.95 Sharing Edition | DV-CCS … $6.95 $2.50 Bulk pricing: 1,000+ $2.00 ea.



Lake of Fire DVD This riveting, two-part Bible study on DVD addresses your biggest questions about hell and how to avoid it. DV-LOF … $6.95 $2.50 The Richest Caveman DVD + Bonus Feature The personal testimony of Doug Batchelor and how God brought him from a life of despair into a relationship with Jesus. Bonus: Kingdoms in Time documentary. DV-RCM … $6.95 $2.50 Amazing Health Facts! Sharing Edition DVD Pastor Doug Batchelor and Dr. David DeRose present this fun, intriguing, and fact-filled series about the eight ironclad principles for living a stronger and longer life. DV-AHFSE … $6.95 $2.50 The Final Events of Bible Prophecy DVD An exciting study of seven end-time events, including signs of the end, Christ’s return, the millennium, and more. Amaray Case | DV-FEN … $14.95 $4.95 Sharing Edition | DV-FENC … $6.95 $2.50 Bulk pricing: 1,000+ $2.00 ea.



Amazing Shadows: Types of Christ in Scripture


Created by the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism alongside Pastor Doug Batchelor, this is an eye-opening 13-week lesson series that helps you see Christ in all the Bible. Each lesson features an in- depth Bible study, Scripture to memorize, reflection and group discussion

questions, and more. BK-ASC … $10.95 $9.95

Amazing Doctrines DVD & Book Set

Throughout these 14 inspiring DVD presentations and 13-week Bible lesson guide, you’ll get focused, trustworthy teachings about

Scripture, salvation, the sanctuary, and other key Bible teachings that are vital to share in these last days.

DV-EBTSET … $29.95 $19.95 Book only | BK-ADEBT … $10.95 $7.95 Bulk pricing: 50+ $6.95 ea.



Amazing Three Angels’ Messages: Understanding Revelation 14


A thought-provoking 13-week lesson series that guides you on an extraordinary journey through the crucial, end-time messages of Revelation 14. BK-RFW … $10.95 $7.95 Bulk pricing: 50+ $6.95 ea.

Revelation’s Final Warning DVD Set Doug Batchelor and a host of inspiring speakers present the urgent truths of the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14—vital messages for our day presented on four DVDs. DV-RFW … $24.95 $14.95

Amazing Sanctuary Created by the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism, this inspiring and thought-provoking 13-week lesson book guides you on a fascinating journey through God’s holy temple. A perfect resource for personal devotions, Sabbath School, or small groups! BK-AS … $10.95 $7.95 Bulk pricing: 50+ $6.95 ea. Amazing Sanctuary DVD Set Presented by speakers from Amazing Facts International, Weimar Institute, and Secrets Unsealed, this fascinating 13-part study of the Jewish tabernacle will enhance your grasp of God’s amazing plan of salvation. DV-AS … $24.95 $14.95

SANCTUARY AMAZING PREPARATIONFORTHEMOSTHOLYPLACEEXPERIENCE Createdby theAmazing FactsCenterofEvangelism (AFCOE), isan inspiringand thought-provoking 13-week lesson series thatguides youonanextraordinary journey throughGod’sholy temple. Eachweek-long lesson featuresan in-depthBible study, Scripture tomemorize, reflectionandgroupdiscussionquestions, andmore.Thesedeepandpersonal lessonsmake itaperfect resource forpersonaldevotions,SabbathSchool,or your smallgroup.


“As youdiscoverGod’samazing tabernacle that spans fromGenesis toRevelation, it ismy prayer that youwillmeetanew yourheavenly HighPriest, JesusChrist,who ‘always lives tomake intercession’ for you.” —PastorDougBatchelor,president Amazing Facts International


Learnhow the sanctuary ismore than justa religiousedifice—and watch theplanof salvation comealive in thepagesofScripture!


Complements theAmazingDoctrinesonlineAFCOEprogram. Visitafcoe.org to learnmore.

A13-WeekBibleLessonBookPresentedby the AmazingFactsCenterofEvangelism




Amazing Disciples | DVD & Book Set Become an empowered, confident disciple of Christ. Includes in-depth lesson book and videos featuring Pastor Doug and the Amazing Facts

Center of Evangelism team! DV-ADSET … $29.95 $19.95

Book only | BK-AD … $10.95 $7.95 BK-DASP | Spanish Bulk pricing: 50+ $6.95 ea.

Teacher’s Edition Book | BK-ADTE … $17.95 $9.95



The Cure for Media Mania: Healing the Human Soul from the Digital Pandemic Scott Ritsema. Has media ensnared your life—or the lives of your family and friends? Do you want to be free from your smartphone’s constant influence and increase your joy and peace? This eye-opening book reveals the subtle power of media to impact your mind and heart for evil or for good, and its powerful but practical insights will guide you in reclaiming your soul in the digital dark age. BK-CFMM … $7.95 $6.95 Bulk pricing: 10+ $5.95 ea., 90+ $2.95 ea., 192+ $2.75 ea., 576+ $2.50 ea. The Power of Music in the Christian Life Doug Batchelor. Music has enormous power! This book explores the principles of music’s influence so you can be a more selective consumer of music, all with a focus on eternity. You’ll discover ways to use music biblically to deepen your walk with the Lord and make choices that glorify Him. BK-PMCL … $7.95 $5.95 Bulk pricing: 90+ $2.95 ea., 192+ $2.75 ea., 576+ $2.50 ea. The Amazing Power of Forgiveness Doug Batchelor. A practical, uplifting biblical study about guilt and forgiveness. This hope-filled book offers a better understanding of our deep need for forgiveness—and how to receive it and offer it to others. BK-APF … $7.95 $5.95 Bulk pricing: 90+ $2.95 ea., 192+ $2.75 ea., 576+ $2.50 ea. Final Mystery: The Truth About Death Revealed Doug Batchelor. Uncover the truth about what lies ahead for every person after death so that you can face the future with confidence. BK-FM … $7.95 $5.95 Bulk pricing: 90+ $2.95 ea., 192+ $2.75 ea., 576+ $2.50 ea.


That’swhy it is important tobediscerningand deliberatewhen selectingand listening tomusic, particularly if youare seeking to follow Jesusduring these lastdays. Thepurposeof thisbook isnot toadvocate for classicalmusicor vilifypunkor rapmusic,but rather toestablishprincipleson the influenceof music inorder tohelp youbeamore selective consumerofmusic,allwitha focusoneternity. It’smyprayer that this shortbut informativebook willhelp youdiscoverways to selectandusemusic biblically, todeepen yourwalkwith theLord,and to help youmake choices thatglorifyHim. Afterall,a satisfyingChristian life is something to singabout! Music can reachpeople’shearts, bodies,andemotions inpotentwaysand asnothingelsecan ...


PastorDougBatchelor President,AmazingFacts International

PastorDoug is thehostof AmazingFactswith DougBatchelor on TVand BibleAnswersLive on radio.He isalso theauthorof TheRichest Caveman,ShadowsofLight, and thebest-selling Heading for theHills? Findmoreofhisbooks and videosatafbookstore.com!


P.O.Box1058 Roseville,CA95678



How to Keep the Sabbath Holy Doug Batchelor. Learn to prepare for the Sabbath in our homes and churches—and learn to live it fully in our hearts! BK-HKSH … $7.95 $5.95 Bulk pricing: 90+ $2.95 ea., 192+ $2.75 ea., 576+ $2.50 ea. SHARING BOOKS

A Proven Prophet: Ellen White and the Gift of Prophecy

Joelle Worf. Ellen White believed she was God’s messenger, receiving about two thousand visions and dreams in her lifetime. Today, millions of sincere believers recognize her as a prophet. Could they be right? This small volume will help you decide. BK-APPEW … $7.95 $5.95 Bulk pricing: 90+ $2.95 ea., 192+ $2.75 ea., 576+ $2.50 ea. Finding Peace in a World of Worry Doug Batchelor. Discover the Bible’s practical, life-changing answers to the worries and anxieties that seem to be an escalating part of our existence—and learn how to exchange fear and apprehension for the peace of God! BK-HLIP … $7.95 $5.95 Bulk pricing: 94+ $3.75 ea., 470+ $2.50 ea., 940+ $1.55 ea.

Heading for the Hills? Doug Batchelor. Pastor Doug addresses the when, how, and why (and why not) to head for the hills, all from a biblical perspective. BK-HFH … $10.95 $8.95 Bulk pricing: 25+ $6.98 ea.



MIQ: Most Important Questions Boxed Set Amazing Facts. This 10-presentation set addresses the gauntlet of big, core questions today’s Christian youth constantly grapple with—including the reality of God and the evolution and creation controversy. DV-MIQ … $29.95 $19.95 Book only: BK-MIQ … $14.95 $10.95

Panorama of Prophecy Storacles Set Amazing Facts. Each of these 24 colorful, easy-to- understand lessons begins with a fascinating Bible story that is used to shape a deeper understanding of Scripture and a clearer grasp of prophecy—to reach searching hearts and help them build a strong

relationship with God! SG-POPS … $7.95 $6.95

Storacles of Prophecy Lesson Set Amazing Facts. Each of these 24 colorful lessons begins with an amazing story from the Bible, which is used to clearly explain Bible prophecy and reveal scriptural truth. BK-SOPN … $6.95 $5.95



Forgiveness & You (100/pack) MS-FY … $9.95 $6.95

El Pardón Y Usted (100/pack) MS-FYS … $9.95 $6.95

What Is the Mark of the Beast? (100/pack) MS-MTB … $9.95 $6.95

¿Qué Es La Marca De La Bestia? (100/pack) MS-MTBS … $9.95 $6.95

tambiénpuedeaparecercomounserquerido quehamuerto,y ¡elSeñornoquiereque lo engañencon lasmentirasdeSatanáscomoa SaúloaEva! Todosserán resucitados, ¡TODOS! LahistoriacuentaquecuandoW.C.Fields, famosoactorcómicoynotableborracho,yacía ensu lechodemuerte,comenzóa leer laBiblia. “Bill”,exclamóunamigo, “nuncahassidoun hombrequevaa la iglesia.¿Porquéhacer estoahora? Elmoribundorespondió: “¡Estoybuscando unasalida!” ParecequeFieldsnoqueríaenfrentarun juicio, pero laBibliadice: “Yde lamaneraqueestá establecidopara loshombresquemueranuna solavez,ydespuésdeestoel juicio” (Hebreos9: 27). ¡Esverdad!Ustedy todos losquevivieron, pecadoresysantos,resucitaránundíapara enfrentarel juicio (ver2Corintios5:10). Seven Facts about Your Afterlife! (100/pack) MS-ALM … $9.95 $6.95

Lamuertenotienequeser eterna, ¡solosi laelige!

ElSeñor “noretardasupromesa,según algunos latienenportardanza,sinoquees pacienteparaconnosotros,noqueriendoque ningunoperezca,sinoquetodosprocedanal arrepentimiento” (2Pedro3:9).Aquí, “perecer” significamorir lasegundamuerte (Apocalipsis 2:11),de lacualnohayresurrección.Hablando deaquellosquerechazan lamisericordiade Jesús, laBibliadiceque “vieneeldíaardiente ... losabrasará ... [dejándolos]niraíznirama” (Malaquías4:1). Adiferenciadelsueñodemuertequeenfrentan


todos loshumanos, la “segundamuerte” ocurredespuésdel juicioyeseterna (verApocalipsis21:8). ¡Siete Hechos Acerca De La Vida Futura! (100/pack) MS-ALMS … $9.95 $6.95 ¡Peroustedpuedevivirpara siempreenelparaíso! Jesúsdijo: “En lacasademiPadremuchas moradashay;siasíno fuera,yoos lohubiera dicho;voy,pues,apreparar lugarparavosotros” (Juan14:2).Hayun lugaren laeternidadconSU nombre,sirecibeaJesúscomosusalvador.Si estoesalgoquedesea,visiteamazingfacts.org paraobtener leccionesgratuitasen líneaque lo ayudaránacrecerenCristo. amazingfacts.org P.O.Box1058 • Roseville,CA95678 800.538.7275 | afbookstore.com ¿Quéesel“espíritu”?¿Yquéhaydelhombre ricoyLázaroen2Corintios5:8?Nuestra guíadeestudio:“ EstánLOSMUERTOS RealmenteMuertos ”esungranrecursopara encontrarmuchasmásrespuestasbasadas en laBibliasobre loquerealmentesucede cuandounomuere.Solicitesucopiagratisen afbookstore.com conelcódigo deoferta: muertos


Log On & Learn More (100/pack) MS-LOLM … $9.95 $6.95



Your Future Foretold: The Bible’s Final Events! (100/pack) MS-FE … $9.95 $6.95

¡Su Futuro Anunciado! (100/pack) MS-FES … $9.95 $6.95

The Best Day of Your Life! (100/pack) MS-RYL … $9.95 $6.95

¡Tómese Un Descanso: Cada Semana! (100/pack) MS-RYLS … $9.95 $6.95

The Day of the Lord: The Best News Ever! (100/pack) MS-DOTL … $9.95 $6.95 delrostrodeaquelqueestásentadosobreel trono,yde la iradelCordero;porqueelgrandía desu irah llegado;¿yquiénpodrásostnerseen pie? (Apocalipsis6:15 -17). AquellosqueconocenaJesúscomoSeñor estaránencantadosconsuregreso.Yaquellos queno,seencogerándemiedo.¿Enquégrupo quiereestar? ¡Seguiránnuevoscielosynueva tierra,pero soloparaaquellosqueponensu feenJesús! Ustedpuedeprepararse paraelDíadelSeñorahora Jesúsdijo: “Velad,pues,porquenosabéis cuándovendráelseñorde lacasa;sial anochecer,oa lamedianoche,oalcantodel gallo,oa lamañana;paraquecuandovenga de repente,nooshalledurmiendo” (Marcos13:35 -36). ¡LaTierraserá undesperdicio!



¡Esunhecho!SabemosqueelSalvadorvolverá, asíque tómeseel tiempoparaconocerlopara queDiosno lediga: “Nunca teconocí” (Mateo7: 23).Es importanteestarbienconDiosen estemomento.

La tierraestarádesoladadespuésdel regreso deJesús (Jeremías25:33).Estoes loque sucederá: “Huboungran terremoto,un terremoto tan poderosoy tangrandecomonohabíaocurrido desdeque loshombresestuvieronen la tierra. ...Y toda islahuyó,y losmontesno fueron hallados” (Apocalipsis16:18,20). Un terremoto losuficientementepoderoso comoparaaplanarmontañas también desencadenaría todos losvolcanesdelplaneta y lanzaríaenormes tsunamisglobales. ¿Puede imaginarseesto? ¡Lascordillerasenteras desapareceny las islassedesvanecen!Este planetavaacambiarviolentamentecuando Jesús regrese,peroesenoeselfinalde la historia.

¡Lasmejores noticiasdel mundo!

¡El Día Del Señor: Las Mejores Noticias Del Mundo! (100/pack) MS-DOTLS … $9.95 $6.95 PuedehacerloalarrepentirseyaceptaraJesús comosuSalvador.ManténgasecercadeDios a travésde laoración regularyelestudiode laBiblia.Visitewww.amazingfacts.orgpara obtener leccionesgratuitasen líneaque lo ayudaránacrecerenCristo. amazingfacts.org P.O.Box1058 • Roseville,CA95678 800.538.7275 | afbookstore.com ¿QUIERESABERMÁS? ¡Nuestrarevista “ElGranDíadelSeñor” esun excelenterecursoparacomenzar!Solicitesu copiacompletamentegratisen afbookstore. com conelcódigodeoferta: elgrandia

Why Me? Hope for the Hopeless (100/pack) MS-WM … $9.95 $6.95

¿Por Qué A Mí? (100/pack) MS-WMS … $9.95 $6.95



8 Amazing Steps to Optimize Your Health (100/pack) MS-AHF … $9.95 $6.95

8 Pasos Asomboros Para Optimizar Su Salud (100/pack) MS-AHFS … $9.95 $6.95

When the Past Tells the Future! (100/pack) MS-DRM … $9.95 $6.95 DanielyApocalipsisrevelan unaguerracósmicaencurso entreSatanásyJesús Antesdequesecreara laTierra,estalló la guerraenelcielo.Satanásyun terciode los ángelesse rebelaroncontraDios, lanzando unagrancontroversiaentreelbienyelmal, una luchaqueculminaráconelArmagedón aquíennuestromundo.

Elconflictoespiritualdapaso alregresodeJesús


Elconflictoentreelbienyelmalvistoen Daniel8pronto llegaráaunclímaxdramático, eventosquesedetallanen loscapítulos12 - 14deApocalipsis.Satanásdesatará todasu furiaenunmundoqueDiosaúnmantieneen sumisericordia.Toda lahumanidad, lossalvos y losnosalvos,experimentaránesteconflicto. Loseventosserán ferocesypreocupantes: pánico,guerra,enfermedad,muertey destrucción,muchosde loscualesgolpearán repentinae inesperadamente.

¿QUIERESABERMÁS? ¿Quiéneselcuernopequeñoy la bestiadelmar? ¿Cómopuedeevitarser arrastradoporsusengaños?Nuestra revista “DanielyApocalipsis:Secretos de laProfecía” ofreceunavisión

Elcapítulo8deDanieldiscuteesteconflicto universalendetalle, revelandoqueelcuerno pequeñoseríafinalmente rotoporunpoder sobrenatural.Daniel9 luegoofreceuna profecíaasombrosamentedetalladade la primeravenidadeJesucristo,quienaplastaría alcuernopequeño. Loscapítulos12,13,20y21deApocalipsis describenestasbatallasendetalle,y representan laerradicacióndelmal,elpecado e incluso lamuertedenuestromundo. Daniel revelóqueunapiedra “cortadasin manos” (Daniel2:34)golpearía la imagenque representabaaestos imperiosmundiales y ladestruiría.Estapiedra,que representa al reinodeDios, “seconvirtióenunagran montañay llenó toda la tierra” (v.35), ¡loque significaqueeste reinoduraríaparasiempre!

¡Cuando el Pasado Nos Dice El Futuro! (100/pack) MS-DRMS … $9.95 $6.95 Peroaquellos “queguardan losmandamientos deDiosy la fedeJesús” (Apocalipsis14:12) saldránvictoriosos.Diosnoolvidaráasu pueblo.EnApocalipsis22:7,Jesúspromete: “¡Heaquí,vengopronto!”Yvieneasalvarasu puebloyaestablecerunparaísonuevo yeterno. Amigo,Diosha revelado los titularesde mañanaparaquepuedaestarpreparado para loquevendrá. ¡Ahoraeselmomentode asegurarquesucorazónestéen locorrecto, paraqueélvenganuevamenteporusted! detalladay fácildeentenderdeestos librosbíblicosvitalesyoportunosysu mensajeparaustedhoy.Solicitesucopia completamentegratisen afbookstore. com conelcódigodeoferta: apocalipsis

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The Winning Team | Full-Color Edition! Help children learn the dangers of drugs. Uses positive, kid-friendly characters who honor God by respecting their body temples. BK-WTFC … $4.95 $3.95



The Second Coming | Full-Color Edition! A beautiful portrayal of what humanity will see when Jesus returns to Earth. Calls believers to live as if the Lord were returning today. BK-TSCFC … $4.95 $3.95

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