Trafika Europe 6 - Arabesque

tales of orontes river

and wash your hands right now and get to sleep, so you’re not late for school tomorrow.

there . . . And then other people say they saw him in Mezze prison . . . and no one actually knows for sure what happened to him. –And what happened to Om Salah? –Om Salah . . . she gave birth a month af ter that, and yes, God blessed her with a boy – she gave birth to her little Salah al -Deen. And it ’s so strange, what happens in l ife – the baby was born wi th a red bir thmark on his neck that looked just like a pomegranate. And so people say that Salamu the hammam-worker was right, may he rest in peace – he had an intuitive heart, but his stubborn head ki l led him. So anyway, let me smel l your hands – yep, see? They still smell of barbecue. Go


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