Trafika Europe 6 - Arabesque

tahar ben jalloun

cancer and the curietherapy will not work. This treatment is for cases when the cancer is not as far along as yours and, in some cases, where there would not even be a need to treat the cancer. But, it’s up to you to decide. I will meet with you and Dr. Laplace. If he says that curietherapy is possible, then we will do curietherapy; if not, ablation…” He wrote a letter about me for Dr. Laplace. I didn’t go to the meeting with Dr. Laplace. I opened the letter and read it: Dear Colleague, I am writing you in regards to your opinion about a possible curietherapy treatment for my patient Mr. Lefranc. With this letter you will find a copy of the multidisciplinary meeting notes from our center and prostate biopsy results. To

summarize the situation, this patient has a Gleason tumor 7 (3+4) T2A Nx Mx with a starting Prostate Specific Antigen at 3.37 ng/ml… I then read the report from the multidisciplinary meeting. No risks. I didn’t want to take any risks. After curietherapy, if there is a relapse, they can’t do anything else… They can’t operate. The situation becomes more complicated and the cancer spreads. Cancer… The word is tough to pronounce. They talk to you about tumors… but really it ’s another way to say: you die… 1 Laughing nervously is the only way to take the joke. Even before the operation, the doctors tell you about perineum re- education sessions. Two 1 Tumors in French is tumeurs . If you separate the word into tu meurs , it translates as “you die”.


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