Trafika Europe 6 - Arabesque


learned disillusionment on the job and have reached the stage where my serenity is my real lifesaver. I remove myself from the world and wait for this to happen. I l isten to the weather without feeling concerned. Showers at the end of the day or foreshadowed thunderstorms. Don’t go out without an umbrella!... A wet man is taken by surprise by the rain while he goes to meet up with a woman that may not even show up. Nothing is certain. Some scattered showers are predicted. I draw the curtains. It ’s somber outside. I know pain and suffering. I feel that the slope is steep, the suspected tendency. I still have some serenity, also some discernment. Before the operation, the

hospital gave me a brochure titled “Information for Before Radical Prostatec tomy.” It explained ever y thing with i l lustrations to aid understanding. It is lying around on my desk so I reread it for courage. In the section about sexuality, it clarifies: “The l ibido wi l l not be modified by the operation. Sexuality is not limited to sexual acts. Treatments exist today to treat sexual setback from radical prostatectomy.” OK, the only thing left is to be optimistic and believe that things will return to normal. Yet, without a prostate, you look at yourself differently. You weigh both sides of the situation. You imagine unheard-of things. You no longer master your anxieties and fears. Be optimistic and be confident… what a challenge. I am not doing


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