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T he coming State election is a golden opportunity to advance diabetes care in Queensland, fight growing numbers of type 1 and type 2 diabetes and boost community awareness.

F or people living with diabetes, Government policies make a world of difference. Just ask Jenny Watkins (left), the 55 year old who has inspired hundreds of Queenslanders with type 2 diabetes to take up a State Government offer of life- saving bariatric surgery. It was Jenny who dared to front the media, telling her story about weight loss to Health and Ambulance Services Minister Cameron

In Australia, health care roles are shared by our State and Federal Governments. At the grass roots, even councils and other community agencies have duties that protect public health. So there is never an election without an opportunity for Diabetes Queensland to speak up. We’re the voice for people with all types of diabetes and as Queenslanders prepare to vote, we’re calling all candidates, politicians and parties to improve their diabetes policies. Our vision is that Queenslanders will share a common determination to fight diabetes, provide the best support and care for people living with diabetes and work hard for a cure to diabetes. Soon every candidate will receive our submission about new strategies to meet these goals, but as part of our diabetes community, it’s only fair you read them first. That’s why they are published in this edition of Circle on page 49. Evidence about the human impact and health system costs of all types of diabetes is mounting. Our State-level strategies feature improved and more consistent care and support, as well as new measures to advance diagnosis. Every Queenslander wins if better diabetes policies reduce the burden on our hospitals. We invite your help. This election, ask your local candidates about our proposals and tell them your own concerns. Report their reactions via social media or by writing to your local news outlets. Diabetes matters.

Dick and Diabetes Queensland CEO Michelle Trute recently. Australians have known the value of good diabetes policy- making since the 1950s when the Federal Government of the day listened to the diabetes community and announced its first-ever subsidy on blood glucose test strips. Now, because of that good decision, generations have benefited from easy access to the most basic ingredient they need to live well with their condition. And for 60 years, a succession of other positive decisions have cleared the way for more advancements. For example: when Diabetes Queensland put the case for lifestyle coaching to help fight the risk of type 2 diabetes, State politicians found a $27 million answer, ‘ My health for life ’. Today, hundreds are engaged in this successful program. And when Caboolture mum Natasha Elliott and her infant son Kingston helped to warn Canberra about the vulnerability of living with type 1, the result was Australia’s first subsidy on continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). These examples show that through strength, advocacy and co-ordinated action, the diabetes community can translate a vision for better diabetes prevention, treatment and support into real-life action. Join us as the journey continues. See our State election submission on page 49 and help us make a difference for Queenslanders living with all types of diabetes.

Best wishes

Michelle Trute CEO, Diabetes Queensland



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