Lime Tree Journal - March 2017

From the Manager s Desk

Dear Residents

What a hot summer we have had. Although the heat has been extreme we are not alone and record readings of this extreme weather seems to be wide spread across Australia.

John and I are becoming quite excited about our “big trip” and cannot wait. Jodie Carr has been visiting us during the month trying to get her head around Quickbooks, so she will be keeping everything up todate and will be able to answer any queries in relation to your account. Denise will man the office during our break and Graham will be handling the gardens and grounds. Paul Mackay will be on-call over the weekends, so everything will be covered to ensure the safety and peace of mind of all resident’s

Swimming Pool – Please be aware that Pool Opening Hours are between 8.00 a.m. and 8.00 p.m. and out of those hours it causes a disruption to the peace and quiet of the nearby neighbours.

Dogs are not allowed in the pool enclosure at any times so please ensure that this does not occur. Alcohol and glass is also prohibited in the pool enclosure. This is also a non-smoking area. These simple rules are all in your Village Rule Book so it is important that they are adhered to.

Residents with dogs are under strict guidelines within the Village and we cannot stress enough that dogs are not allowed on ANY common areas within the Village to relieve themselves.

We note that some residents are trespassing through other resident’s sites and this is also against the Rules of the Village. All residents must have a right to their privacy and this is an invasion of their privacy by taking short-cuts through their sites. Permission must be obtained from the resident before going on any sites.

Would residents please lock their homes and lock their cars of a night and when they go out. Although we are very fortunate, it is wise to be secure.

Charlotte is really enjoying School, But our Beau really misses her.

Stay safe everyone,

Vicky, John & Staff

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March 2017 | Volume 10 | Issue 3

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