Personal Watercraft Safety Course

Accident Prevention and Rescue „ „ Do not make sharp or erratic turns. „ „ Do not operate your PWC in shallow water because the intake may pick up debris and clog the pump. „ „ Be aware of other boat traffic and your abilities as an operator at all times. „ „ Know how to right a capsized PWC and how to properly reboard. „ „ Know the rules of the road. „ „ Check the weather and water conditions before going out on the water and throughout the day. „ „ Do not carry more passengers or weight than the PWC’s capacity as stated by the manufacturer. „ „ Drink water, juice or soft drinks (non-caffeinated). Never drink alcohol before or during boating. Save it for after docking for the day. „ „ Prevent fire and environmental damage by following correct refueling procedures. Causes of Accidents and Injuries The most common causes of PWC accidents include: Operator Inattention and Lack of Experience Simply not realizing limitations of your boating skill, not paying attention to the conditions, not looking out for other boaters or others in the water and/or lack of judgment are the major causes of PWC accidents. All of these are easily prevent- able by being cautious, using good judgment, staying alert and taking a boating safety course. Excessive Speed, Stopping Distance and Risk of Collision Personal watercraft lack any means of stopping since they have no brakes. You will keep moving forward for several seconds after releasing the throttle depending on your original speed. Combine excessive speed and the lack of brakes and you have a dangerous combination. It is important to be alert to the fact that it will take time and distance to come to a complete stop in order to decrease the risk of a collision with another boat, people in the water or other obstructions. Lack of Power and Loss of Steering Power must be maintained to steer a PWC because the jet pump nozzle provides not only propulsion, but also steering. If power is not maintained for any reason,


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