2020 Fall Edition Newsletter

Arrowhead Flint Knapping Draws Young and Old from Afar Miami County Museum’s first of three Native American tool making demonstrations was a huge success drawing scores of attendees of all ages from as far as Wichita, Lecompton, Independence, Shawnee and Mission. Held on October 10 at the Museum’s front sidewalk, master flint knappers Chris Yackle, a Paola native son, and Barry Carpenter demonstrated the art of crafting an arrowhead from a non-descript stone using special tools to skillfully chip away the stone’s exterior until creating the projectile point of an arrowhead! Chris and Barry followed techniques first perfected by Native Americans some 10,000 years ago. Steve Kaighen, a Native American historian and 1840’s battlefield expert, was also on hand fielding the many questions regarding Miami County Native Americans which then prompted attendees to visit inside focusing on the Museum’s Amer ican Indian Room which overflows with one of the largest collections of Native American Artifacts in the State of Kansas, ranking it as a regional gem. Many attendees immediately planned return visits to the museum with their Scouting Troops, students, and families. The museum encourages schools, educators, and parents to visit whenever possible with special events and tours lead by experts available upon request by calling (913) 731-3917. The final two demonstrations were held on November 7 and 14 from 10-2. November is Native American month. The November 7 demonstration focused on bow making and also include honoring 92 year old Native American Edith Williams by presenting her with a Proclamation announcing November 7th as Native American Day in Paola! Arrow making the final demonstration was held on November 14.

Flint Knappers Chris Yackle and Barry Carpenter demon strate the art of arrowhead making while Steve Kaighen fields questions regarding Native American history at the Miami County Museum in the first of three Native Ameri can tool making demonstrations.

Above are some bows that Chris Yackle has made.

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