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Have you ever listened to HoofNit™ Podcast? Staff Writer

they are doing with their business passions. Teaming up with Better Equine, Kansas Horse Council and Equifest of Kansas, the magazine is thankful to receive wonderful opportunities to provide a fun avenue for business owners, event attendees, friends, and family alike, to tell the audience about themselves, their business and what they have going on in their daily lives. The magazine is always looking for great stories and ways to improve. Providing top quality sound and videos at each event is their goal. They have a team of caring individuals that are passionate about providing great service to all. The HoofNit™ podcast team interviews, takes pictures, and video. There is a lot of work that goes into the news, quarterly magazine, and the podcast. We upload to popular social media sites for all to enjoy from the events and the home podcast booth. They encourage everyone to share from YouTube, and all other social media formats. Everyone that is interviewed has access to their video for sharing. Supporting and sharing the quarterly magazine, daily news, and HoofNit™ Podcast, is a wonderful way for everyone to benefit by bringing awareness of what goes on at the events and spreading the word about each of the businesses. Melissa left the corporate world in 2022 to work on Living Life Ranch and partner with Jana to enhance the magazine globally. The ladies attended an American Horse Publication event in Lexington, Kentucky, one of the largest media events in the US. Topics covered marketing, sales, networking, advertising, internet audience, podcasts and much more. They attended most of the workshops by dividing and conquering in hopes of gathering all knowledge. During breaks they joined in the hotel lobby to brainstorm on what

came together because of the horse. Melissa met Jana through a horse feed referral several years ago. Melissa needed a better feed for her Living Life Ranch horses, many are seniors, at the time, one had been recovering from Laminitis. Her Farrier mentioned Total Equine Feed which led her to Better Equine. They crossed path’s many times through the years but had never met. Both ladies hit it off immediately, quickly realizing they were peas in a pod. The two business owners began supporting each other in many aspects. Melissa began writing articles about Living Life Ranch for the Magazine, Bill and Jana approved Living Life Ranch as a Total Feed dealer and their journey continued growing together. Jana is on the Kansas Horse Council board and loves helping with their signature event, Equifest of Kansas, one of Kansas’s largest Equine Events. Jana invited Melissa to join the EHAL team. She traveled to Equifest working with the team to introduce the magazine to folks attending. Jana decided to step up the program with more interviews and a podcast booth with a new flair. She designed the booth in the magazine office located at Paola, Kansas and chose items that can be easily moved and used at various events including the Equifest of Kansas. Chairs, couch, and fun decor now provide a comfortable and professional place for recording. At events, Clinicians and Vendors are invited to come, sit, and talk about who they are and what

Nigel Fennell, Farrier and sculptor that created a magnificent one-of-kind life sized sculpture of Secretariat which was unveiled at the AHP Event in Lexington KY. Well known Auctioneer & Rodeo Announcer Brandon McLagan, talks about his life on the road. So many more adventures and stories are coming on “HoofNit Podcast” For additional information about this company Editor and Chief-Jana Harrington-Barcus Owners: Jana Harrington Barcus & Billy Lane Barcus 913-333-2657 https://www.EHALnews.com Mailing Address: 29545 Pleasant Valley Rd, Paola Ks

they both had learned. Thus, came a new re-branding, “HoofNit™ Podcast.” HoofNit™ has gone mobile! The first adventure was a trip to Agape Ranch. They enjoyed a tour of the campus and interviewed Riley Olson the Ranch Manager. Riley talks about how the connection with the horse is helping troubled young men from all over the U.S. change their life journey into a positive direction. HoofNit™ Podcast is published on major podcast stations e.g., Apple Podcast, Buzzsprout, Amazon, Google Podcast, iHeartRadio, and the list goes on to include a YouTube channel. The ladies love human interest stories. For example: “I’m Not Dying Today” is about a 16yr old young man that had a life and death experience he and his father tell us the story. Or we have interviews with families that have started business that provide the community with all natural/ organic products that they have developed from their own gardens

together to support each other in a healthy, positive manner. Owned by Jana and son, Billy Lane Barcus, this company has grown. Additionally, Billy is the owner & founder of L3 Mobile Welding offering mobile welding, fabrication & repairs on all types of steel and aluminum. Jana and husband Bill, own Better Equine® a retail and distribution store located on the Better Equine Ranch in Paola, Kansas. The Barcus family works hard taking care of customers whether it’s BE Saddle Pads, BE Natural Comfort products (both created in their shop), Total Feeds, managing events at their facility arena, mobile welding, and Everything Horses and Livestock. Team member and longtime friend, Desiree Garcia has worked with Jana for years on all aspects of the magazine along with the interview portion at Equifest and various events. Jana states “Desiree is a great asset to the magazine team and great friend.” Jana and her co-host, Melissa

Ever listened to HoofNit™ Podcast on Apple, Google, IHeart or any of the major podcast stations? If you haven’t, you will want to! Search HoofNit Podcast…. HoofNit™ Podcast was created by Jana Harrington-Barcus. Joining the fun is her co-host, Melissa Cowan. Melissa is the owner & founder of Living Life Ranch in Gardner, Kansas. Everything Horses and Livestock® magazine, news channel, and podcast came to fruition due to the passion of an outdoor sportswriter, husband, and father from a small-town community in Paola Kansas. Bob Harrington’s passion for people, community, outdoors, and sports, radiated to his daughter Jana Harrington Barcus. She and her son Billy Lane Barcus, designed this endeavor. Everything Horses and Livestock® Magazine, daily news at EHALNews.com all come from the heart and soul of community, family, friend’s, farmers, ranchers, rodeo, and business owners anywhere in the world. The agenda is connection, supporting one another, sharing stories, and bringing the community

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