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If you know someone in a bad situation. Someone hurting let them know we are here for them. Please contact us. www.Livingliferanch.org Melissa Cowan 913-731-5579 "Through the healing and therapeutic power of God’s word coupled with working, caring and riding horses, children can begin the recovering process of building self-esteem, self-confidence and a renewed reverence for life."

working in training program. Myself: I can assist with Business/Leadership and Life Coaching, I provide “Experience” Riding Lessons as well. Eventually I plan to offer Canine Applied Learning down road. Events we have held so far this year are the following: • Home Schooling Group came out for a customized group event. We had the Sheriff’s department out for a demonstration event.

• Several Equine Assisted one on one Sessions • Miami County Parade • Chamber of Commerce

Easier said than done, right? Believe me I get it. I pray for patience, I ask him to take my burdens, I picture myself handing it over. Then I remind myself “it’s not my control” repeat as needed. I practice asking, then listening, when you ask you need to make sure you are listening to the Lord, allow him to guide. He didn’t say it was easy to do this. He just said to do it. It’s a work in progress and I do work on these things. I’ve had new challenges this year so all of the above is constant in my mind. I have changed my career completely. Riding on Faith daily for financial support working hard to bring in income for our personal support and for Living Life Ranch. God is good and has helped us keep afloat. Living Life ranch is in need of donation support. We are hoping to locate grant support. We are in desperate need of a Grant Writer to help us with this task. Living Life Ranch has been running to the best of our ability. It’s been another tough year. Due to only having an outdoor arena the weather will affect our schedule and controls how we run. We make do with what we have. We are so blessed to have our place. Thankful for understanding people work with us. We are getting through the rain, mud and now heat God is with us all the way! Melissa Cowan

We recently have been working on building up awareness of our Life Coaching we offer help in areas of personal life and professional life. Each of our facilitators have unique niches. We love having these areas of expertise to offer those in need. Having experts in different areas is what any business in our field should have to help growth. You don’t want everyone doing the same things. We are all certified in Equine Applied Learning. Along with this we offer the following: Jayne Hamilton is a Certified Professional Life Coach and Certified Christian Life Coach, Certified Trauma Recovery and Healing Prayer Facilitator Gerri Groshong is a Certified Trauma Recovery and Healing Prayer Facilitator, Immanuel Approach Prayer Facilitator and she provides “Experience” Riding Lessons. MaryAnne Graves is a Certified Trauma Recovery and Healing prayer Facilitator (using Immanuel Approach and Freedom Fighters) Kelly Cordray is a Certified Trauma Recovery and Healing

demonstration is scheduled

• Future Events will be

announced they are in the works.

We love people, we are here to help with anything we can. If you are stuck in life, no matter what it is. Reach out we will talk to you, help guide you the best of our ability.

• Life Coaching workshop

I don’t know about you but patience can be hard to come by at times. I want to understand what is going on more than I should. I want to know why? Why is this happening what is the cause? Can I fix it? “What should I doing” comes to mind almost daily. I think it has gotten worse for me because I’ve made some huge changes in my life. On top of that we have these crazy times in our world right now. God tells us over and over to trust him, have patience, don’t try to understand everything, there will be things that occur “Beyond our Understanding.” We are to stop trying to control everything in our lives, and other things that are going on around us that we can’t control. We are supposed to give it ALL to him, “Let it go” have faith in HIM that he will lead us the direction he wants us to go and take care of the things that we want to worry about.

prayer Facilitator (using Immanuel Approach and Freedom Fighters)

Jeri Anderson: Canine Applied Learning Facilitator. This will be offered soon we are in progress

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