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Everything Horses and Livestock ® Magazine

Everything Horses and Livestock ® Magazine

The View from the Sliding Glass Door

maker’s perfect plan. There are many seasons in a year and in our lives. Some are hot and some are cold. Some send us inside for cover and some bring us out to dance in the rain. The good Lord works it all out for our good. We can trust him to do just that and rest in his care. Season to Season. Drought or Abundance. Sickness or Health…Breathe in His Peace and Rest in His Care. I like you have this beautiful promise From the Word. "The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it; for he founded it." Psalm 24:1-2a Dance in his Reign and Enjoy being seasoned in the season! Gerri Groshong gerri@EHALmagazine.com EHAL News Magazine Adminstrator Assistant, Writer & Adv Specialist Better Equine Ambassador Children’s Director for Living Life Ranch

The thermometer is now boasting 100 + and the

The glass is reflecting the brown barren hues of summer heat. I see a slight hint of green out by the garden in the sea of brown. Each year it seems we go through this cycle. Lush rains and cool weather in the spring grows a jungle canopy complete with berries and beautiful blossoms. It seems there is no end to the lushness of the grass underfoot and the canopy above. “There’s no place like Home”’ runs through our thoughts as we soak up the beauty. Enter July. The night sky is lit with fireworks bursting forth in their fierce ramparts. Their intensity matched by massive Thunderstorms, Lightening and Hail. Then just like someone threw a switch the furnace comes on. The tender shoots of grass wither and die back. Everything is in a dehydrator - dryer and dryer. The grass crunches when you step on it, poking your feet and toes. A sea of varying shades of brown and gold floods our view.

humidity is right there as well. We retreat inside to get out of the midday heat and rest waiting on the evenings breeze. It seems like years before we hear the sound of rain, and feel the refreshment of it on our faces. Wait is that RAIN?! We are drawn out into it. Dancing joyfully in it! Grateful, for the refreshment and simple beauty of the rain. A rainbow marks the event! We have made it through the Season of Heat. We are out of the kitchen! Cooker temps return bringing the green lushness of the grass bounding back to life. Shadows soon will grow longer and days shorter. We will don jackets and scarves and dream of the hot days of July as the new season takes its place. Soon rich reds, yellows and purples will flood our view. Pumpkins, pies, and celebrations will occupy our hearts and minds. Our dreams filled with warm afternoons and butterflies.

Time marches on. That’s our

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7 Everything Horses and Livestock® | August 2022 | EHALnews.com

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