Kansas Horse Council Information Book

Jana Barcus, Website Tech, Marketing, Social Media, Board, has ridden horses since she was 2 years old when she was introduced to riding an aunt’s ponies and still loves the horse “smell” and the feel of her horse’s back as she rode bareback. With years of experience properly feeding various animals, training horses, giving

riding lessons, boarding, working cattle, fitting saddles, tack & producing large fun events, she is excited to be working with the Kansas Horse Council. Jana has enjoyed various jobs from riding and training horses for a top Paint Horse Show barn, field representative for various Coops and Feed Stores, producing events and running the family business Better Equine® Feed, BE®Saddle Pads, BE®Natural Comfort Products, BE®Tiree Skin Care & Makeup Line, Everything Horses and Livestock® Magazine and Podcast . Growing her knowledge with continued education and communication is a must in the Agriculture World, she loves helping people with their horses, small animals and livestock. In years of competition, she has won championships, saddles, cash & awards in Team Roping, Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, & stock events. Jana has developed a love for constant learning of new technology and has built websites and helped others with graphics, social media and more. Jana's mantra is "Life is a Journey--Enjoy the Ride!

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