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Welcome to the Kansas Horse Council Horsemanship Rewards Program!

Earn Horsemanship points for the quality time you spend with horses, mules, and equines of all sizes and breeds! Registered or Grade, owner or non-owner, or as a volunteer. We want to recognize your participation in Equine Activities! (“Activities” do not include feeding, stall cleaning and general maintenance.) Examples include groundwork, grooming, trail, recreational riding, schooling, lessons, competing, driving, training, exercising and other horse care. Earn Horsemanship hours by volunteering at a therapeutic riding program or an equine rescue. Earn double hours on any Kansas Horse Council sponsored ride, or by volunteering at any Kansas Horse Council sponsored event, like Equifest of Kansas or Horse Care 101 workshops! Upon completion of 2,000 hours , you may re-enroll and start over!  Must be current KHC Member. (Family memberships, each rider wishing to participate requires enrollment in program.)  Must pay initial enrollment fee of $35 to participate and $15 maintenance fee annually after the first year.  May ride or handle more than one horse and it is not necessary to be the owner of the horse.  Hourly log sheets may be submitted monthly, quarterly or annually. Annual submissions must be postmarked no later than December 31 st . Recognition and awards will be at Annual KHC Meeting.  If member is part of a current KHC Club membership, each club member will need their own Individual or Family KHC membership and enroll in program for tracking rewards by name.  Awards points are not retroactive. Date of log begins on enrollment date and moving forward. Awards are subject to change based on availability.

KHC Horsemanship Rewards Participant’s Name: ____________________________________________________________________________

KHC Member ID#: __________________(4 digits or less)

Month/ Day/ Year of Rewards Enrollment: ___________________________________________ New to KHC this year? YES NO

Address: __________________________________________________ City: __________________________________

State: _______________ Zip: _____________________

Email: ________________________________________________________ or preferred method of contact.

Questions or to Return enrollment form:

Kansas Horse Council, 8831 Quail Lane, Suite 201, Manhattan, KS 66502, www.kansashorsecouncil.com, Phone: 785-776-0662, Fax: 785-539-2928, Email: director@kansashorsecouncil.com

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