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Autumn 2017 Newsletter

GREETINGS FROM THE ‘NEW’ WILDERNESS OF NUNAVIK in CANADA’S FAR NORTH! We just completed our sixth operating season in Nunavik Canada, and had the best ever! We enjoyed fantastic wild- life adventures including numerous sightings of polar bears, seals, fox, eagles, falcons, icebergs and northern lights. We saw wild wolves hunting and circling musk-ox herds, and had head-on encounters with the great caribou migration. This remarkable and remote wilderness region is easily accessed by daily commercial flights 1500 km (1000 airmiles) north of Montreal to the coast of Ungava Bay at Kuujjuaq, the capital of Nunavik. This area is home to the Inuit people who live and have harvested this land for thousands of years. We launch our expeditions into this incredible wilderness by charter aircraft, helicopters and seagoing vessels. Nunavik is also home to the Leaf River caribou herd, now the largest in Canada. Following the caribou are packs of wild wolves that stop en-route to den and rear their pups. This region is also home to thousands of musk-oxen and hundreds of polar bears range the coastal islands and shorelines. So come take a look at our adventure offerings for 2018 and join us next summer on a incredible adventure to this hauntingly beautiful, wildlife-rich, little-explored and newly accessible wilderness region! - Tundra Tom

Girly & Tundra Tom in Labrador


Polar Bears & Polar Bears ...2

Torngat Exploratory ..........2

Musk-ox & Northern Lights ..3

Search for Tundra Wolves....4

Monster Icebergs ...............4

Primal Survivor .................5

The Caribou Migration ........5

2018 Trip Calendar ………….6-7

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