The second season of our special new expeditions to see polar bears and musk-oxen was a huge success! Compared to many of the big commercial polar bear trips available out there, this is an altogether new, little- explored polar bear region that offers a completely different ex- perience. We do not offer trips that involve large groups of peo- ple in big ATV's or similar ma- chines... Instead we quietly trav- el in small groups on the coastal waters along with local Inuit guides who live, trap and hunt here year-round, and who benefit directly from our activities. We

gently visit the polar bears and wildlife in their true natural habi- tat... It's the real deal! The trips are easy going with little hiking necessary. We stay at comforta- ble coastal camps and launch on day-trips aboard quality power boats to explore the islands in Ungava Bay in search of musk ox, icebergs, bearded seals and polar bears! To learn more go to www.thelon.com/polar.htm .

Photo courtesy Mariela Urra Schiaffino

Photo courtesy Richard Ansell

Bearded seal — Photo by Mariela Urra Schiaffino

“We spotted six polar bears on our very first day, and then over the rest of the trip saw more bears, musk ox, seals and some of the group saw wolves circling a group of musk ox… ” - Lessli Strong / Canberra, Australia (2017)

Steeped in mystery and aboriginal legends, the remote Torngat Moun- tains at the eastern tip of Nunavik and Labrador takes its name from the Inuktitut word Tongait , meaning place of spirits. It is a spectacu- NEW 2018 EXPLORATORY EXPEDITION— POLAR BEARS & THE TORNGAT MOUNTAINS

Torngat Mountains National Park is located at the north- ern tip of Nunatsiavut and Nunavik, and was created in 2005. Although the Park is an area of supreme natural beauty, due to its extreme isolation and the high ex- pense of access, it is one of the least visited National Parks in Canada. The area is a very spiritual place for the residents of Nunavik and Nunatsiavut: a place where Inuit shamans would travel to communicate with spirit helpers. Shamans would invoke the spirits to assist with initiations or to acquire a certain power that was needed. The mountains represented a very strong connection to the Inuit spirit world. TORNGAT MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK

lar little-explored wil- derness stretching to the northern tip of Labrador and west- ward from the North Atlantic seacoast to the east coast of Un- gava Bay. It's a fantas- tic land of mountains and steep fiords; polar bears, glaciers and caribou: Where the

A remote coastal fiord in the Torngat Mountains

Inuit hunt, fish, and travel, as their predecessors did for thousands of years. It is one of the most wild places left on the North American continent. In July 2018 we will be operating our first exploratory ex- pedition to the remote west side of the Torngat Peninsula. Traveling with local Inuit boatmen we will camp out, hike and explore along the fiords in search of polar bears, caribou and incredible mountain scen- ery. To learn more go to www.thelon.com/torngats.htm .


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