In 2018 all of our wildlife, river and natural history expeditions will be operated from the remote vil- lage of Kuujjuaq in the Nunavik region of Quebec in Canada’s Far North. Kuujjuaq is a unique north-

ern Inuit settlement full of vibrant history that is directly linked to the wildlife camps. Our expedi- tions are often operated to areas that encompass the traditional routes of the Inuit people while they traveled, camped, hunted for caribou and traversed the inland peninsula routes between Hudson & Ungava Bays. The aboriginals that live here are still very con- nected to the land and seas—and in many ways are still a hunter- gatherer society. It is definitely worth it to spend some time here exploring the area, the community and the unique aboriginal cul- ture...

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“...I just have one word, it was FANTASTIC! We got some real insights of how life is in Nunavik, and saw more than one can dream of: polar bears, musk-ox, seals, icebergs, peregrine falcons, the northern lights and beautiful landscapes...” - Caroline Vancoillie / Ieper, Belgium (2017)


Photo by Thomas Groening

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Let a Good Spirit Guide You...

Photo by Rachel Kobernick

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