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Dear Brothers & Sisters,


these serious times and if we don't make Progress we will fail, and failure is not an option.” I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who contributed to this edition; your support is greatly appreciated. I look forward to working with members of the Party to make this newsletter a success. This is your newsletter; and as such, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Members wishing to submit an article for inclusion in the Progressive Times are invited to forward their contribution to my attention at

In keeping with the Executive’s commitment to strengthening communication with our membership, the Party Leader tasked both the Assistant Secretary General Gwyneth Rawlins and myself with producing a monthly PLP newsletter. Building off the strong foundation laid by the PLP’s previous newsletter, “ The Party Line,” the primary purpose of this newsletter is to keep our membership up-to-date with the activities of the Party. The aim is to feature the various organs of the PLP and include contributions from members of the Parliamentarian group, the Executive, the Standing Committees, the Branches and our

We thought it only fitting that members name their newsletter and in February, members were invited to submit their suggestions . The response was overwhelmingly enthusiastic, and with close to 90 submissions, selecting a winner wasn’t easy but we ultimately decided that Progressive Times best captured the essence of the vision that we have for the newsletter. There were two members who had submitted the winning name: Sherilyn Wade, and, Sinclair Robinson . When asked why he had thought this was the most fitting name for our newsletter, Mr. Robinson explained that “ the Party tries its best to make progress in

In solidarity, Lauren Bell Secretary General

The Progressive Labour Party’s Parliamentarians have been extremely busy representing the best interests of Bermudians both in the House of Assembly and the Senate. The table below lists the House Bills tabled during 2017 and provides a summary of each bill’s status. Links to all these bills can be found here on the Bermuda Parliament website .

BILLS There are four different types of Bills that are tabled in the House. 1.


PUBLIC BILLS - tabled by the Government Minister responsible for the Ministry, to which the Bill relates. OPPOSITION BILLS - tabled in the House by the Opposition. PRIVATE MEMBERS BILLS - tabled by a Member of Parliament for consideration of the House. PRIVATE BILLS - presented on behalf of an association or group of individuals. Private Bills are tabled in the House by a backbencher, whom in most cases is a member of the majority party who is not a Minister.




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