SRP's History of Fund Placement_Dec 2018

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R18399.55—2 laptops, Windows Office and laptop bags for Operation Lebombo in Mozambique.

Zorro, training sponsored by BushStraps from proceeds of the SRP Rhino Survival Bracelets, graduates in the Kruger

Rhino Dog SAXPA graduates in the Kruger National Park. Funds to purchase SAXPA and train her handler were raised from the personal contributions of the SA Express Pilots, an incredible initiative by SAX pilot Darryl Rudman.

We were proud to have Maj Gen (Ret) Johan Jooste, far right, join us for SAXPA and Zorro’s graduation.

Dr Richard Emslie

Andrew Parker

2 RAGE sponsored Thermal Vision Units, handed to Jack Greeff for use in the Sabi Sand Wildtuin. Apart from supporting Nation- al Parks and selected Provincial rhino reserves, its important that we also channel funding towards training and equipment for private reserves that are home to important rhino herds.

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