IIW Annual Report 2022

In October 2022, Dr. Thomas Kannengiesser (Germany) was added as a Technical Editor to replace Prof. Boellinghaus. Dr. Kannengiesser’s areas of expertise are welding metallurgy and mechanical performance of welded structures. Additions were also made to the Editorial Board which now consists of 42 members spanning the range of technology topics published in the journal. This group has been critical in assisting the Editors with the pre-screening of open submission papers and the overall execution of the peer review process. There are now approximately 300 active Principal Reviewers and Reviewers for WitW. The members of the Editorial Board are listed in the accompanying table. The Editors wish to thank all who contribute to the continued success of the journal including authors, working unit chairs and co-chairs, principal reviewers and members of the review panel, the Editorial Board, the IIW Secretariat, and the support staff at Springer. The remarkable progress in the growth and impact of the journal would not be possible without this support structure.

Welding in the World Editorial Board, December 2022 Shaju Albert (India) Fumiyoshi Minami Japan) Jean-Pierre Bergmann (Germany) Tony Murphy (Australia) Carl Cross (USA) John Norrish (Australia) Amitava De (India) Matthias Pelkner (Germany) Bruno deMeester (Belgium) Gerhard Posch (Austria) Thomas Dupuy (France) Michael Rethmeier (Germany) Stephan Egerland (Austria) Klemens Rother (Germany) Norbert Enzinger (Austria) Volker Schoeppner (Germany) Carolin Fink (USA) Aude Simar (Belgium) David Grewell (USA) Jeff Sowards (USA) Yoshinori Hirata (Japan) Herbert Staufer (Austria) Pat Hochanadel (USA) Manabu Tanaka (Japan) Erika Hodúlová (Slovakia) Asun Valiente (Sweden) Simon Jahn (Germany) Vincent VanderMee (Netherlands) Doug Kautz (USA) Pedro Vilaça (Finland) Hee Jin Kim (Korea) Elin Westin (Austria) Menachem Kimchi (USA) Peer Woizeschke (Germany) Martin Leitner (Austria) ChuanSong Wu (China) Hong Li (China) Huaping Xiong (China) Peter Mayr (Germany) Zhuyao Zhang (United Kingdom) Giovanni Meneghetti (Italy) Guisheng Zou (China)

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