IIW Annual Report 2022


IIW has benefited from a prestigious history of secretariat services provided by Member Societies, from the early parallel roles of The Welding Institute UK as Administrative Secretariat and Institut de Soudure France as Technical Secretariat to 1995 when Institut de Soudure took on the combined role of General Secretariat. Since 2020 the General Secretariat role has been performed by Istituto Italiano della Saldatura in Genoa, Italy. Also in 2020, the service agreement for the management of the IIW International Authorisation Board (IAB) was renewed with the European Welding Federation (EWF) with the agreement updated to include services aligned with the needs of IIW and IAB members for the following five years. The IIW is grateful to the current and past secretariats for their outstanding work performed over more than 70 years of growth of the organisation, coupling continuity with the past with renewed energy in all enterprises. Personnel at the current secretariats aim to deliver world class service to the IIW community and support the organisation and its members as they face current and future challenges.



Dr Luca Costa Chief Executive Officer

Dr Rosario Russo Administrative and Communication Specialist

Eng. Rute Ferraz IAB Chief Executive

Dr Eurico Assunção IAB Deputy Chief Executive

Dr Elisabetta Sciaccaluga Technical Manager

Mr Andrew Davis Standards Officier

Eng. Pedro Catarino IAB Technical Officer

Ms Maria Flores IAB Projects and Administrative Assistant

Mrs Erdmuthe Raufelder Editorial Office Manager

Dr Francesco De Fino IT Assistant

Eng. Italo Fernandes IAB System Manager

Eng. Tobias Rosado Deputy IAB System Manager


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