IIW welded art exhibition, 2021


Daniela Torelli did a drastic career change from a Veterinary Technician to a Welder 6 years ago. After completing a welding program, she fell completely in love with the trade and never looked back. Daniela was drawn towards the Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) process and purchased her own machine. It came in handy while she was home on maternity leave, creating her own business welding Horseshoe Home Décor as a second income. Last year during the pandemic she stepped out of her comfort zone and started expanding her skills with scrap metal art. Daniela entered her first Art Exhibition and won The People’s Choice Award. To date, Daniela is currently working as an Assistant Welding Instructor for the CWB WEST (Welding Employment Skills Training) Program. She is using her experiences and knowledge to educate new students starting their welding journey and introduce them to the artistic side of metal.

Contact info Website: www.thinkpinkwelding.com • E-mail: thinkpinkwelding@gmail.com • Instagram/Facebook: @thinkpinkwelding

Exhibit “RECKLESS LOVE” “Reckless Love” was created during the pandemic for the theme “From Darkness comes Light”, for the South Simcoe Arts Council Art Exhibition. Reckless Love represents how we took others for granted before we were not able to see, hold, or kiss our loved ones from separate households. We felt caged in our homes, while our minds wander in the darkness. It took great strength, like Super Woman, to find new ways to show our love and find lightness during this dark pandemic. This piece was created from various scrap metal parts Daniela has collected over the years; steel plate, horseshoes, nuts & bolts, fencing, steel chain, and copper. All parts were welded with Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) process. Daniela utilized a die grinder and angle grinder for cutting and grinding all pieces. The final product was painted with a clear coat to show the heat affected zones and characteristics from the steel. Dimensions 620mm x 360mm x 30mm


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