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NCYC Regular Meeting Minutes February 8, 2024 Page 2 of 11

Approval of Meeting Minutes

Motion: Christa Betts to approve Minutes from previous Board Meeting. Second: R/C Steinmacher. Motion Carried

Commodore, Rick Romatz

Commodore’s Comments

Welcome to the February 2024 Board of Directors Meeting.

Let me start by saying thank you to all for supporting and coming out to help with the set up for the Commodore ’ s Ball and for all the help behind the scenes helping with the preparations. There was a lot of work going on to make this even such the success it was, so Thank You to this entire Board and many members who pitched in to help. Jill and I are also Grateful for some special help from people like my son Brendan, MC PC Bill Hendricks, PC Brian Fringer, Chaplain Mark Javery, and PC Brian McEvoy for the help getting through the evening program. And thanks to Renee McEvoy for Favors, Sue Brooks & Rachel Fringer for organizing Flowers and Grand March, Carla Verkest & Cathy Scarpaci for the desert table and decorations. This just goes to show you how this Club and membership can come together to make these events successful. Thank You all. I know this Agenda looks full, but I’m confident this Board can make short work of it. A lot of lines but easy items and hopefully short conversation. Thank You.

Vice Commodore, Bill Burkhardt

Vice Commodore’s Comments

[no report; absent excused]

Rear Commodore, Terry Steinmacher

Rear Commodore’s Comments

Thank you, Commodore, and First Lady for hosting the 2024 Commodore Ball. Fun was had by all that attended. I have been in touch and have been updated on the progress our new directors are making. I’m very excited for you to see them in action in the 2024 season. I know everyone has heard this before, if you see something that needs attention, please bring it to our attention so we can give it some attention. Directors, please make sure that Board Recorder Frank Corcoran gets a copy of your report either by email or text so it can be added to the beacon.

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