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NCYC Regular Meeting Minutes February 8, 2024 Page 5 of 11

Mainland Wells

Gary Schroka (guest) provided an overview to the Board on current status of well assignments, and general discussion of related policies and procedures.


Philip Maniaci


Philip solicited input from the Board for the development of the forthcoming Membership Survey.

Bill Frederiksen


No report.

John O’Leary

Harbor & Grounds

Good day fellow NCYC members, I trust this note finds you in good health and spirit. First, I would like to thank all those that considered and entrusted me to take over the Harbor & Grounds Director Position. I am well on my way in the learning process for all the responsibilities and duties of the position. I’m off to a good start with the support and tutelage from my predecessor , Terry Steinmacher, and fellow board/flag counterparts. My respect and appreciation for those that have already served on these board capacities only increases as I learn and witness what it takes to operate and preserve the level of benefit for its members and in maintaining our clubhouse and island. I look forward to meeting, and at some point, exceeding the expectations of the position and improving the experience wherever the membership feels is desirable and advantageous. I welcome and would absolutely appreciate any input, suggestions, lessons learned or ideas on how we can make improvements in our collective experience on our Island.

Shelley Sweier



a) Received email from a member to move from boating to LOA.

Motion: Shelley Sweier to approve the member’s request. Second: R/C Steinmacher. Motion Carried

b) Received request to move member from boating to leave of absence due to surgery.

Motion: Shelley Sweier to approve the member’s request. Second: Philip Maniaci. Motion Carried

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