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NCYC Regular Meeting Minutes February 8, 2024 Page 6 of 11

Shelley Sweier

Membership (cont’d)

c) Received request to move member from boating to non-boating.

Motion: Shelley Sweier to approve the member’s request. Second: R/C Steinmacher. Motion Carried

d) Received email from a member to waive work hours or member will have to resign.

(See Correspondence section for disposition)

e) Received an email from a member to waive work hours due to members’ ill health.

(See Correspondence section for disposition)

f) Letter and e-mail sent to member asking if they are returning after a two-year leave of absence. There has been no response. Disposition: Shelley to send member a letter referencing applicable By-laws regarding continued membership in NCYC. g) A member is currently 60 days overdue for work hour’s payment and has not paid 2024 membership dues. As per bylaws and policies, the membership was discussed by the Board of Directors and a decision on action to be taken. Motion: R/C Steinmacher to expel the member as required per By-Law. Member is expelled in Bad Standing. Second: John O’Leary. Motion Carried Waitlist Update: Mark Javery & Shelley Sweier interviewed 3 applicants and a 4 th is scheduled for March. One applicant on the waitlist was moved to the bottom of the list at their request. Unable to join at this time.

h) Recommend approval of Andy & Leah Toth (sponsors Rick Romatz & Shelly Schroka)

Motion: Christa Betts to approve Toth membership. Second: Philip Maniaci. Motion Carried

i) Recommend approval of Jay & Chris Wischow – (sponsors Jeff Edgerly & Rick Romatz)

Motion: Bill Frederiksen to approve Wischow membership. Second: Tom Lisowski. Motion Carried

j) Recommend approval of Chris and Sarissa Geier – (sponsors Don Allar and Mike Davis)

Motion: Christa Betts to approve Geier membership. Second: John O’Leary . Motion Carried

As of today, based on current information from NCYC members and after approval of above, there are 3 additional memberships available from the waitlist. Interviews will be scheduled. 3 boating memberships were made available to 2 returning LOA members and a junior member who moved to boating.

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