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NCYC Regular Meeting Minutes February 8, 2024 Page 7 of 11

Shelley Sweier

Membership (cont’d)

19 members have not paid 2024 dues as of today. Nine of the 19 have responded.

All dues received have been deposited and Club Express has been updated to include the payments. A receipt is automatically generated to the member by Club Express.

I am continuing to update Club Express and the 2024 Roster and boat list for the roster.

I have been in contact with Ian and Marie and Shelly Schroka coordinating the membership cards.

The 2024 Yachting Club of America Reciprocal Courtesy Cards are now available. If anyone would like one before the May meeting, please contact me.

Melissa Winkler


Website: I updated the following: i.

Emails from the club accounts (for example the Commodore e-mail address will be directly forwarded to Rick Romatz). ii. Photos & comments updating for Flag, Board, and other positions.

E-mail Issues from Club Express: iii.

Shelley Sweier contacted club express and we were under the impression the issues had been resolved but it seems that people are still not receiving messages. iv. I contacted Club Express today (2/8/24) to ask again about changing settings to ensure all members receive club correspondence.


v. In process of updating; Send any photo updates for Membership Directory to Membership


Please send Items to be included by 10 th ; Publication by 15 th


Mark Javery


Summer work schedule in process.

Shelly Schroka


Brief review of bar operations and opening preparations.

Tom Lisowski


Brief summary of maintenance matters.


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