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10 QUESTIONS... With Mike Howard - Centre Manager Kirrawee NSW

What sport do you follow and what is your favourite team? I follow the NRL and go for the Rabbitohs. There is no other team really. Following them since 1965 when I got my first guernsey from Mick Simmons at Kurri Kurri. Red and Green until the day that I die! I like to read and to go for long walks. Park crawls with the grandkids is always a fun pass time. I especially like to tour old country towns and see the history. I can happily tour for two weeks doing some 2,000kms in the Stinger. Before moving to Sydney my mob originally came from a farm at Two Mile Creek at Nubba. (Near Young and Harden) so the bush is in my blood. I like to follow the Bush Ranger Trails. I also like going on Ghost Tours with my daughter Melissa. Is there any one Team Member you have/do work with that has inspired you over the years? There are so many out there. All have inspired me in some way. Nev Kennard was also inspirational, he taught me that no does not always mean no. To sum up Kennards in one word would be? FUN! Freedom to follow our dreams. You are only limited by your imagination. What do you like to do outside of Kennards?

Mike visiting the replica George Woolnough Saddler and Repairs in Carcoar on the road to Cowra. Carcoar was where the bank robbery took place by Ben Hall in 1863 .The actual Store resides in Tenterfield.

Everything that we do for our customers and the services we provide that sets us miles apart from our competitors. The new innovations to make our customers' stay a memorable one. When I first joined KSS there were 16 centres, now there is over 93. The great friendships that I have made. A lot of good people out there. What would be the main progres- sive changes you have seen within Kennards? The changes in our training format. As our numbers got larger this needed to adapt. Huge changes to Information Technology, making it more user friendly and more information given to help us to run our centres more efficiently. Also buying Millers Self Storage. So many others I could list... Tell us about your family and your Grandchildren! My father was a Fireman so we travelled to different places and I got to go to a lot of schools. I was schooled at Cabramatta, Maitland and Wollongong. I am married to Monica and we live in Hurstville. Prior to KSS I had 20 years Banking experience and that's where I met Monica. I have two girls Melissa and Natalie. I have two granddaughters, Lavinia Carmen, seven and Milah Lee, four and they live with us. They are a handful but they are so precious.

You joined the Kennards Team on the 7th July 1997, that’s 23 years ago! Do you have one memory over that time that stands out? Going to historic Yerranderie with Nev Kennard in his chopper as part of PEP. The first night we had to search for a missing hikers in the dark. Then the trip home was a little windy as we had to make a fast exit due to a storm coming. (The hikers were located in a cave). Have you always been based at Kirrawee KSS? Yes, by choice. My parents lived at Port Kembla so Kirrawee was only 45 minutes away. I could spend time with them and still travel easily to work. I have a great rapport with my customers here. My role is to set our new people up for success within the first two weeks with KSS. To show them our Blue culture and the FREEDOMS that we all enjoy. To visit them when they settle in at their new centre. It’s exciting as everyone is different. There has been over 80 Team Members pass through the Kirrawee HUB. It's great to be able to watch them grow. What has inspired you the most about Kennards over the last 23 years? Tell us about your role as a Hub Trainer?

Mike With his two granddaughters, Milah (left) and Lavinia.

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