2018 Retail Catalog

TechCare ®

Seat Protector A complete line of automotive care and cleaning products developed with dedication to sustainability and superior care. TechCare products are made from the highest quality ingredients and advanced formulas, providing the ultimate clean and a professional finish. Available TechCare products: • Gentle Car Shampoo • Wax-Prep Clay Gel Cleaner • Carnauba Gel Wax • Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner • Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner • Tire Gloss with Cross-Link Action • QuikTech Detailer with Carnauba Wax • Exterior Glass Cleaner with Repel • Soaker Chamois & WaterBlade Squeegee • Wash Mitt • Microfiber Cleaning & Finishing Cloths • Microfiber Drying Towel & Applicator Pads The Seat Protector is a water-repellent seat cover that protects against scratches, damage and spills that can potentially ruin the seat surfaces of your vehicle, making it the perfect vehicle accessory for family road trips or pet owners. The seat protector stays in place with the help of durable straps, specialty inserts and a non-slip bottom. Machine washable with a semi-custom fit to the size and type of vehicle. Quick and easy installation, as well as easily removable for cleaning. This product is designed to fit most bench-style rear seats. If your vehicle is equipped with a center seatbelt, it will not be accessible. Please note, you must have a headrest on the seatback of your vehicle for the Seat Protector to strap on to. Custom fit and perfect for any season, the TechShade can keep your vehicle cool in the summer and help prevent frost build- up in the winter. Reflective film chases the sun away in the summer. Then, the reverse side absorbs the heat for those cold winter months. When not in use, the TechShade is easily removed, rolled and secured with a hook & loop strap. The TechShade is custom fit for each vehicle. Full Vehicle TechShade Kits are also available, which helps to keep your entire vehicle’s interior temperature down while protecting it from the sun’s damaging effects. TechShade Full Vehicle Kits include 4 or 8 pieces depending on the vehicle model. TechShade ®

body styling

Available in black, grey or tan

Reverse side absorbs heat, helping prevent frost build-up



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