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Cadomin, AB

Ernie’s inspiration to become an off-roader and to get out and en- joy the great outdoors was his province: “Alberta is what inspired me to build the Jeep and go on adventure.” Who can fault that brilliant logic? Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, rolling parkland, vast prairie landscapes and hoodoo- filled badlands provide enough scope and variety for a lifetime of off-road exploring.

obstacles I wanted to conquer or situations I wanted to make easier.”

Elk Island, AB

Abraham Lake, AB

comes to his adventures, Ernie had a true enthusiast’s answer: “Men- tally, my toughest “obstacle” is returning home. As far as “physical” obstacles while on adventure, I do pick and choose my trails carefully since I am out solo the majority of the time, so I have yet to experi- ence anything too extreme.”

Ernie loves his Tepui Tent. It has really changed camping for him: “My Tepui Tent has to be my favourite item to date. It takes less than 2 minutes to open up to be ready to sleep in and closing up is almost as quick. No mud to wipe down and no sleeping gear to pack up separately. It saves time when making camp and stirs up a lot of interest in the Jeep (and in my adventures).”

Abraham Lake, AB

Ernie’s 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlim- ited Sahara is named Vagabond Expedition. His love of Jeeps was not a long term dream, but rather something that just happened: “I had been renting various vehicles as “daily drivers” for quite some time until I rented a Jeep for the first time. After a week of renting, I bought a Liberty and after a month of owning that, I sold it off and treated myself to a new Wrangler back in 2012.” With so much to see and do in this province, it started “stock” and I expanded as I came across various

Cadomin, AB

He had such well-thought-out and well-written answers, that we decided to ask him for his advice for first time off-roaders: “Go off road with those that have experi-

Cadomin, AB

When asked what his toughest challenge has been so far when it


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