The Accessory Dream Guide Issue 2


Year/Make/Model: 1987 Suzuki Samurai Owner: Lee Murray Location: Langley, BC Instagram: @bc_backroading

TOM DEL Modifications & Accessories: - YJ Spring Conversion - Toyota Axles - 6 Shooters and Chromo Shafts - ARB Locker in the front

Lee Murray’s attitude towards his ‘87 Suzuki Samurai, called Tom Del, (“it’s a long story”) differs a bit from the other featured vehicle participants we’ve interviewed for the Accessory Dream Guides. When he was asked when he began to think of his Samurai as his Dream Ride, he wrote: “It’s getting there.” He still wants to add “tube fenders and then a turbo or tdi swap.” When he got the stock Samurai as a grad present, he first put on: “Stereo because I was a kid, shortly after was lift,

- Detroit in the Rear - 1.6 EFI Swap, 35s - Custom Bumpers and Sliders - 6.5-1 Tcase - Heated Seats - 88.5 Transmission

gears and tires.’ He is diplomatic and wise about what he would recommend as the first accessory to install: “All depends on what the vehicle is used for”. Lee’s response to choosing his favourite accessory on his own ride is also carefully thoughtful: It would be a “toss between lockers and low gears.”

His Instagram handles show his destination preferences: @bc_backroading and @bc_backroading_trailers. From all the photos on there, you can see how adventurous he is. That Tom Del is a contortionist! The pics show beautiful BC at its wildest nature as well as how flexible

The off-road trailer he custom built It comes out on long road trips

and adaptive this vehi- cle can be. Lee “mostly takes it out on week- ends” from his home

base of Langley, BC. His favourite off-road sites are Sylvester and Harrison and his furthest trip so far has been to Whipsaw. He “was at a few events and show n shines last year” and he belongs to and on Facebook, he’s in the BC Toyota 4WD group. From straddling a mountain stream to parking on the beach by a lake to challenging the laws of physics while having a blast in the snow, he sure does have fun in BC. Lee says he has always been into vehicles and making the most of them. He was “definitely born with it, both my parents were into vehicles growing up.” “I’ve always been into General Motors and Suzuki.”


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