The Accessory Dream Guide Issue 2


Year/Make/Model: 2013 Dodge Ram 1500 Owner: Alysha Axani Location: Cold Lake, AB

ALYSHA ROSE-MARY AXANI 1991-2014 The vehicles featured in this magazine are so appealing because they show us that, with enough planning, time and effort, we can turn our dreams into reality. Life rarely works that way. We all suffer set-backs, challenges and losses. But the word “tragic” is reserved for loss at a much greater level. This dream ride is different from the rest because it is a memorial truck celebrating the life and dreams of its original owner before her tragic death at the young age of 22. This is her story as told by her mother.

“When Alysha bought this truck in 2013, she was so proud to be a Dodge owner. She loved to drive around and look at other trucks to get her inspiration. She had so many plans about what she was going to do to her truck. She sent me a text one day saying: ‘I just want to be the girl with the big truck.’ This was her dream. Sadly, in July of 2014 she was taken from us in a tragic motorcycle accident. She was a free spirit and was never scared to try something new or to meet a challenge. Unfortunately, the only modifications she was able to make to her truck before passing were putting in the new tail lights, window louvers and x-metal grill. Cutting the old grill out to put the new one in was a hard choice for her to make but she knew it would look amazing and she had a plan. She was right: it does look amazing.

After her passing, we could not bear to get rid of her truck so we kept it and the plan to do all the things she wanted done to it… and we


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