The Accessory Dream Guide - Issue 3


Which cargo box will look best on my vehicle? Yes, you can have looks and functionality! Why not enhance the look of your vehicle when you have a Cargo Box installed? The glossy finish and two-tone (Thule “Hyper XL”) is often considered the most desirable looking... but it’s up to you! Check out the gloss black, silver and grey finishes available.

shield. The cargo box can typically over- hang the windshield up to approximately 12”, if need be. Better yet, contact any Raven Truck Accessories or North Shore Off-Road location with the year/make/model of your vehicle and the length and height of your largest cargo items and we’ll be happy to help you.

Don’t have roof rails? Then our expert sales team can assist you with finding the right rack for your vehicle. What size cargo box is best suited for my needs, and my vehicle? Determine the maximum length and width of the items you plan to put in the cargo box. Example: Skis, Snowboards, luggage, etc. You can now compare the dimensions of the cargo boxes and determine which ones will accommodate your cargo items. The ideal length of a cargo box that works on your vehicle is also easy to determine. If you have a hatch on your vehicle (SUV, Minivan or station wagon), open the hatch to the upright position and measure from back of the roof line to the top of the wind-

So if you’re looking to make your next trip more enjoyable by freeing up space inside your vehicle, contact us and we’ll help you secure your gear safely outside of your vehicle with a custom rack solution.

What about clearance with the cargo box fitted, will my vehicle still fit in my garage or underground parking? An easy way to accurately measure clearance is by placing something long and flat (a wood 2x4 works) across the width of the vehicle. Place it on the CrossBars (you need these to mount your Cargo Box... if you don’t have them we can help you with the right fitment). You can now measure your estimated clearance to the top of the garage opening. The Thule “Flow”, Thule “Sonic Alpine”, Thule “Force Alpine”, and Thule “Pulse Alpine” are some of our most popular options.

Written by Raven Managing Partner Steve Hagopian


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