HCHS Today November 2019


Last month I had the privilege of attending the Those Who Excel annual dinner meeting in Bloomington with Teacher of the Year nominee Maggie Moore and members of her family along with Superintendent Michael Dugan and Principal Chad Dougherty. Many educational personnel and support groups were honored that night. The highlight of the evening was the announcement and recognition of the ten teachers of the year finalists of which Mrs. Moore was one. It was truly an honor to be present to see our Hononegah representa- tive honored as one of the state’s top educators. She is truly our teacher of the year. The work of dedicated teachers and staff is often not recognized outside the school. It takes a coordinated effort among many people to provide a safe and nourishing educational atmosphere where students are able to flourish and grow. The cooperation of everyone on the staff at Hononegah, from the superintendent on down, is essential in presenting educational opportunities for students, the primary goal of the school. We get good raw material from our elementary districts, and our mission is to build on that material to prepare them to excel in what comes after they leave us, whatever and wherever that may be. As winter closes in, some of the exterior projects on campus are finishing up. Weather permitting, we may have the striping on the resurfaced track. If not, that will have to be done in the spring. The new maintenance building is almost totally enclosed and will provide a much improved storage space for our equipment. Even- tually, the old maintenance building, on the northwest corner of the building, will be demolished and the site will be repurposed. Somewhere down the line, when we can expand the cafeteria space, the construction will move the walls out into that area. By the time you read this, results of state test scores will be released. There have already been stories in local newspapers summarizing the last few years of scores and projecting what this year’s scores will bring. Test scores are only on indicator of a successful school. There are many others such as student service to community, participation in co-curricular activities, success of graduates and more. Performance on state mandated tests is a success indicator that receives much publicity, however, because it presents a quick and easy way to com- pare one school to another. Hononegah students have performed extremely well on these tests leading to its being publicized, rightfully so, perennially as one of the top high schools in the area and the state. The truth is that Hononegah really is a great school. It’s not just the test scores, but the totality of the educa- tional atmosphere present. Like any school, there are problems present and potential, and there is always room for improvement. No matter how good you are, the status quo is unacceptable. The ultimate aim is to always get better. Our regular Board meetings are on the third Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the school library. If you are interested in being placed on the agenda to speak or would like to attend a committee meeting where most of our planning is done, please call the district office at 624-5010. You can always contact me at 389-1382 or e-mail me at dkurli@ hononegah.org .

Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Please visit our website http://www.hononegah.org/district/finance to view the budget for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2020.

Board of Education

District-Level Administration

Building-Level Administration

David Kurlinkus, President

Michael Dugan, Superintendent

Chad Dougherty, Principal

Mary Lewis, Vice-President

Justin Krueger, Director of Finance

Kathleen Eckmann, Associate Principal

Sandy Fordell, Secretary

Kendra Asbury, Director of Human Resources

Nichole Erickson, Assistant Principal

Bob Geddeis

Rob Conerton, Director of Technology

David Lombardo, Assistant Principal

Fred Hasse

David Laben, Assistant Principal for Student Services

Diane LaForge

Nicole Nelson, Dean of Students

Scott Wallace

Steve Cofoid, Athletic/Activities Director


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